Scientific theories- fake or fact?

Hare Krishna dear devotees,

accept my humble obeisances AGTSP AGTSG!

The scientific theories that man has evolved from monkey, how much true is this? As much I know Manu is the first man then what r all this science claim something else.

And also the fact of Bermuda Triangle, is that true? they say that it traps ships, planes etc it has sea monsters and magnets which attack people.

Are we suppose do belive in such things? What does shastras say regarding science?

Pls forgive if I have commited offense by asking this Q

Your humble sevant

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            • Probably scriptures of most of the believes linked together. or they came from INDIA Only.

              and in india only concept of loving god is lost.

              in that way Christianity and Islam is more close to Vaishnavism.

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          Thanks for the info..did not know it..


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