Yamuna has been completely stopped in Harayana and are taking away all water which they even dont need. Supreme court has said that Harayana requires only 30% of the water but they are taking 97% of the water and releasing only 3% which is dried in 150 Kms and never reaches vraja dhama.

Harayana state is telling that it is state matter and they have sole proprietorship to decide to with the river and in our constitution there is no law for this.

This is also an ecological issue because ahead of that all sewage and industrial waste and some polluted rivers are diverted to yamuna bed which flows as yamuna and instead of worshiping yamuna we are worshiping and taking bath and purifying or contaminating(individual decision) ourselves by taking bath in drainage water on yamuna river bed in vraj.


Currently ministers of other states like Delhi, UP and other 3 states and central govt involved are not taking interest because they are interested in money and their vote bank only. But if their vote bank is shaken by waking up people against them on this issue then they will take action.


This service is as good as pulling lord jagannaths chariot because we pull the cart to take Krishna to vrindavan so that he can meet his devotees and this is also the same now one of the eternal associate of Lord is separated and they are giving us the opportunity to render service unto him.


Please take this matter into consideration on urgent basis. From our side we can at least sign the petition and inform the people as much as possible. If some is having contact with some news channel and influential people then please bring this issue to their notice.


I am attaching the pictures with the discussion by which you will easily understand the current situation.


Link to sign the petition: 


A4 Yamuna ENG final.jpg

Yamuna A4 eng.jpg

Yamuna Letter.docx

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