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satvik rasoi show

Hare Krishna

All the recipes of satvik rasoi are the best. But, I always wonder that they use the utensils which are made up of plastic or such types of metals which should be avoided by devotees. So, i think as these recipes are seen all over the world, one should take care that, the standards should be maintained on internet also. Another thing is that all the matajis are always in full make up like lipstick and so many other cosmetics. No doubt they are great and devotees of Krishna, but I think vaishnavas should be simple always as long as possible. I am suggesting it as all of them are representing the vaishnava life style aslo by this show. So, please tell me whether it is right whatever i'm thinking.

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  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Vaishnav Seva Prabhuji,

    Many Many than for your constant humble efforts to grow ISKCON Desire Tree. Also thanks to whole team serving behind it.

    Thanks Vishal Prabhuji for putting forward your views. I would like to suggest few things here;

    1. Utensils:

    Now a days, most of us lost our traditional way of using utensils or even way of cooking. Not only that recipes are too upgraded, changed or added.

    Day by day, it's becoming hard to avoid plastic, aluminium or even steel utensils. All of these having side effects on our health plus environment.

    As Vishal Prabhuji pointed out, i would suggest that can we use some of traditional utensils so that it may grab viewers attention towards what and why we used it!

    It may be odd but we really need to initiate this so some of us can learn and try to implement.

    2. Ingredients:

    In general, we use sea salt, policed rice, white sugar, branded Ghee, refined oil etc. We may say that, it's difficult to replace all these things but if those things proven to be digrad our health then must be replace e.g. sea salt with rock salt (sendha namak), refined oil with kacchi ghani oil etc.

    Obviously, viewer will take a note of what ingredient we mentioned while presentation. So, if we say Sendha Namak then they will consider so.

    After all, it's question of our physical health. If our health get down then surly hamper our spiritual life too.

    3. Beautifying Our Appearance:  

    Now it has been scientifically proven that all most all branded cosmetic items contain harmful chemicals in it and most of us even using them in our daily life whether knowingly or unknowingly. In both case it's harmful and manifest in deases. Even it may lead up to CANCER.

    This is very big subject and something has to be done. We can't stop but surely present treditional natural way of beautifying our self. There are plenty of natural option which need to be presented to our devotee community. Someone may ask that this are all munden things and nothing to do with Krishna Consciousness, well, we all know what we already using.

    Can't we introduce some of traditional beautifying tips. After all it's part of our devotional life and to keep yourself away from some of products which contain harmful chemicals plus obtained from animal body.

    There are many more things to add here... but let me close.

    Hare Krishna

    • haribol

      how nicely you pointed all these views

      i know that i m not a complete person, im also weak in following so many standards.

      Actually the site's whole team is taking so many efforts which we cant imagine also. Because i know how difficult it is to run a website. But i purposefully questioned all these things as i want to attract every devotee's attention.

      all the philosophy we quote every time like simple living high thinking etc etc should be reflected through our behaviour also. so its our great responsibility to  take care of those principles given by shrila prabhupad and great acharyas. at least we should follow the principles till the circumstances do not stop us from following it. if conditions are such that that we can't follow our standards then its considerable.everyone can undestand it.

      instead this website is a great tool for us to exhibit our philosophy, principles, standards to whole world so that someone may get inspired and try to follow it at his or her best. also it will grab the attention of those are not devotees but pious. such people really will appreciate it and hence resulting in more and more prachar as this site's publicity is increasing day by day rapidly.

  • Great feedfeed Prabhuji

    We will try to implement.

    Keep giving suggestions 



    • hare krishna 

      thanks prabhuji for your kind attention quick response to this insignificant servent's question.

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