Saphala Ekadashi


Hare Krishna,


Someone wrote this blog and mentioned that

Sri Krsna said to Arjuna: “Oh best of the Bharata lineage, just as Lord Sesa is best among snakes, Garuda is best among birds, the horse yajna is best among sacrifices, the Ganges is best among the rivers, Sri Visnu is best among the demigods and the brahmanas are best among human beings; so, among all vows of austerity the day of Ekadasi is best.


1. Where such discussion is mentioned in bhagwad gita/Mahabharat, i need to know

2. This is disrespect to Shashtra and Prabhupad Teachings, in purport of 1.2.26 PP wrote "The demigods, even to the stage of Brahmä, the supreme of all the demigods"

3. is this not offence calling Vishnu a "Demigod"


Please i need answers point by point, i have already hundred times , give me references where you classify Sri Krishna is superior to Bhagwan Vishnu but none has come with answer so far, My 1st Canto is complete nowhere in shloka it is mentioned that Shri Vishnu is expansion of Shri Krishna, even in purpot Srila Prabhupad has made it too confused, some places personality of Godhead is Vishnu and some places Sri Krishna (refer 1.2.3 Näräyana, Personality of Godhead,is above the material creation) 1.2.11 Therefore, Brahman, Paramätmä and Bhagavän arequalitatively one and the same, 1.2.23 When Vishnu the Personality of Godhead)


Henceforth please stop calssifying and degrading vishnu tattava, it is written in Bhagwatam, very clearly mentioned that The Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishnawho is the original person
of the Vishnucategories refer 1.2.26





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        • Hare Krishna mata ji,

          You are misquoting me, I am saying why it is written Vishnu is demigod whereas you are trying to justify all hard to say all are equal

          My question do we stand for this , why there is confusion , answer can be yes or no, yes vishnu is demigod or no he is not demigod and quote above is wrong.

          I asked same question to one more prabhu ji, he said since vishnu has some "assigned" duties, he is not free so we can classify him as Demigod,
          • E-Counselor
            Hare Krsna prabhuji,

            I have already answered - why it is written Vishnu is demigod - ask in the coloumn below that article. We don't have to answer every question for everything written by someone else. Is it not fair to ask where you read?
            Vishnu has been colloquially referred to as demigod - I mentioned that it is there in Gita also.
            What that prabhuji has replied he knows - I cannot comment.
            It is true that Krsna has more powers than Vishnu, that is the reason we say Krsna is adipurusha, not Vishnu. For example, Lakshmi ji wanted to attend Raas Lila - she was not allowed. There is story of Brahmana whose sons were dying without any reason - finally Krsna and Arjuna went to meet Maha Vishnu - He said I wanted to meet You, that is why I was doing this. So even Maha Vishnu didn't have entry in Dwaraka. What more proof you want?
            Ultimately, answer can be given to one who is seeking answers. One who has some other intention will keep on the word jugglery. Nothing can be done.
            Your servant,
            Radha Rasamayi DD
            • Hare Krisna Mata ji

              First of all , i am extremely sorry that i asked question, at least i could have been avoided myself to call Juggler by a senior devotee.

              1. there was no comment section, you may click the link and see by your self.

              2. i asked specifically for Shloka but I am getting stories. i explained that Prabhupad in purpot of purpot of so and so shloka has mentioned vishnu as Supreme Personality as Godhead, our 2nd apradh even says "To consider the names of the demigods like Lord Siva or Lord Brahma" to be equal "to, or independent of, the name Lord Visnu".

              3. I still can not understand why devotees get offended when someone asks a question, if you dont know answer leave it as it is, why getting offended and calling "One who has some other intention will keep on the word jugglery of word ",

              once again i am sorry that i asked question, please do self realization on your words chosen,

                • thanks, i am doing that and will do that forever, but will never stop asking question, even you have wished for my dead end
                    • E-Counselor
                      PLease keep the conversation polite and to the point. No need to get personal. THis is a devotional discussion forum, not a regular chat site of any other website. Let us try to maintain decorum even if we don't agree with each other.
                    • to uttar dijiye na prabhu ji, maine to bola shloka bataye jaha aisa likha gaya ho ki Vishnu Demigod hai, maine ye bhi bataya ki Prabhupad ne SrimadBgawatm me to nahi likha, maine 2sra apradh bhi yaad dilaya, par pata nahi hamare uchhtama bhaktgano ko bura lag jata hai, prashn puchhne par, agar sawal puchhna galat hai forum band kar dijiye, mujhe antim darwaje ka marg bata rahe hai kucch bhakt gana. Aise bhaktgano ko mera dandvat pranam, unki samajh ko mera sastang dandvat pranam
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