Saphala Ekadashi


Hare Krishna,


Someone wrote this blog and mentioned that

Sri Krsna said to Arjuna: “Oh best of the Bharata lineage, just as Lord Sesa is best among snakes, Garuda is best among birds, the horse yajna is best among sacrifices, the Ganges is best among the rivers, Sri Visnu is best among the demigods and the brahmanas are best among human beings; so, among all vows of austerity the day of Ekadasi is best.


1. Where such discussion is mentioned in bhagwad gita/Mahabharat, i need to know

2. This is disrespect to Shashtra and Prabhupad Teachings, in purport of 1.2.26 PP wrote "The demigods, even to the stage of Brahmä, the supreme of all the demigods"

3. is this not offence calling Vishnu a "Demigod"


Please i need answers point by point, i have already hundred times , give me references where you classify Sri Krishna is superior to Bhagwan Vishnu but none has come with answer so far, My 1st Canto is complete nowhere in shloka it is mentioned that Shri Vishnu is expansion of Shri Krishna, even in purpot Srila Prabhupad has made it too confused, some places personality of Godhead is Vishnu and some places Sri Krishna (refer 1.2.3 Näräyana, Personality of Godhead,is above the material creation) 1.2.11 Therefore, Brahman, Paramätmä and Bhagavän arequalitatively one and the same, 1.2.23 When Vishnu the Personality of Godhead)


Henceforth please stop calssifying and degrading vishnu tattava, it is written in Bhagwatam, very clearly mentioned that The Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishnawho is the original person
of the Vishnucategories refer 1.2.26





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  • Here is a simple example of Vishnu being catogorized as a Demigod, in the Seventh Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam. You must understand that this is another Avatar of Vishnu as Prabhupada has mentioned, the one in charge of the mode of goodness in the material world. Brahma is in charge of passion, and Shiva is in charge of the more of ignorance. This is not the same Supreme Personality of Godhead Vishnu exactly, but much like we compare Krishna to milk and Shiva to yogurt, in this case Vishnu is also differentiated to a demigod in charge of the mode of goodness. Just remember that Self-Realization of Krishna Consciousness and God's Divine Love are what bring people on the level of Krishna-Tattva, not a divine caste-system or an unbroken heirarchy. We must never forget and must always hold on to the Supreme Absolute Truth that Krishna is the Source of all Avatars, Incarnations, and Eminations, and that He is the Supreme Being and the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but also never forget that that same Being is present in the heart of an ant. So, why?

    SB 7.4.13 - Vanisource
  • hare krishna abhinav prabhuji, i will just try to help to solve ur doubt with an example. in an office, many employees work and the head of the office under whose direction all employees work . this head of office also said to be employee of this office but being employee he has different position than others. he is at topmost position. he has all powers.
    sb 1.2.23 says ---The transcendental Personality of Godhead is indirectly associated with the three modes of material nature, namely passion, goodness and ignorance, and just for the material world’s creation, maintenance and destruction He accepts the three qualitative forms of Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Śiva.. means lord visnu assigned the job to deal mode of goodness by which one can derive maximum benefit. he is called palankarta.
    the teachings we learn is krishna and visnu both same . krishna is like person at home enjoying with its family memebers, full with pleasure. and visnu is like person in office means performing duties. but the person is same.
    now who is demigod. demigods are higher persons those are assigned tasks to deal with some department to run the creation of lord. visnu is perfect among them. if it is written tht visnu is best amongst demigods that doesnt mean visnu became demigod. to understand scriptures we need proper guidance of bonafide guru. visnu is lord krishna in ofice but as he is perfect in doing palan of creation he is best.
    now if someone writes something then it doesnt mean he mean exactly wht word is there. regarding offence, i will suggest, lord krishna also called as ranchod then isnt it insult. krishna who is supremly powerful are called as ranchod. so things shouldnot be treated so hastenly and should not be justified . bhakti is simple to do but it is not so easy. complete shelter of bonafide guru with submissive mood is essential. we need to have patience also.
    i have seen many places, before shiva and brhma , lord is written then should we stop beliving that lord is one and it is krishna. no, things dont happen this way. just keep going in bhakti , things will get clear automatically when krishna gets happy seeing our sincere efforts and situated in our heart, all dust of illusion will go.
    we see many examples of success ppl that he was failure in studies but build company and he has turnover so and so. so taking their examples should parents stop their children to study well and let them fail, no . why becuz evryone has its own enthusiasm , qualities. taking these examples things cant be applied in general. similarly we all are general category ppl. our guru parampara is there to guide us , we cant measure evrything with our logics and mind. what we need is to follow instructions given by our guru parampara. keeping faith on their words things will get cleared.
    and rahi baat ki usne esa likha usne esa bola , this is insult and all, so these things have no end. even before lord ram ppl called sita mata unchaste and treta ppl were more sacred than us so what can we expect today society. the only thing we need is to follow guidelines given to us by senior devotees.
    there is one book perfect questions and perfect answers. i m copying one converstaion from this book.
    Bob: I asked one this, and he claimed that Jesus was also eating meat in
    the Bible.
    Srila Prabhupada: That's all right. He may eat anything. He is powerful.
    But he has ordered, "Thou shalt not kill. You must stop killing." He is
    powerful. He can eat the whole world. But you cannot compare to Jesus
    Christ. You cannot imitate Jesus Christ; you have to abide by his order.
    the meaning behind this is. what we need is to focus on our sadhna sincerly.
    hope my words not felt u bad.
    i just tried to show some way in order to help u
    hare krishna
    • In addition to this, I will just say simply, lord could be anything, anyone, human(ram), fish(matsya), lion(narsimgh), hog(varah). So wht to speak ABT demigod. But as bg 4.9 says lord and his acts are always transcendental no matter if thy appears to be normal, or thy appears to be inferior. Lord always has transcendental nature.
      Thank you
      Hare Krishna
      • Hare Krishna Mata Hi,

        Happy new year,

        thank you so much for your effort and sincerely appraise that you took time to answer

        but now it does not matter, i am very deeply hurt by behavior of devotees who answered or tied to ridicule me, henceforth i have decided not to ask any question. I know my intention while i am posting these questions but devotees while get either hyper and use bad word "Juggler, you will dead end etc" or try to bully me "puchho puchho aur puchho, baratn dhowo etc"

        So now onwards no more question

        once again thanks
    • why any question being asked hurt someone, if I don't know something where will I go, should I chant hare Krishna and forget my questions, is that you mean to say.

      You may be such person , I am different, you may follow own path and I will do mine

      Hare Krishna
      • E-Counselor
        Hare KRsna,
        Yes, it helps if one parks one's questions and chants. The answers are revealed in due course. Has happened with me so many times.
        Sometimes, no answer satisfies us. But when we get the realization, then we understand the answer. Then we will give the same answers others were giving us, but with conviction and realization.
        Your servant,
        Radha Rasamayi DD
        • This is a blessing of devotee, i accept this
  • HEHEHE!!!!
    Humans have anger, jealousy, pride, ego....greed..lust. etc.
    Vishnu and Krishna don't feel bad or their get hurt.. if one of them is called demigod or Supreme personality of Godhead. They don't have this vikaras like us.
    One person here calls me I am vaikuth vaasi.. becoz i don't belong to gaudiya vaishnaism and got initiated into Sri vaishnavism.
    I cannot stop laughing at his foolishness.
    He said to me His Lord Krishna is higher then my Lord Narayana.
    I got a little bit angered also not becoz Krishna is superior or Narayana is inferior.. I got angry becoz of his puny little mind.
    How can one even judge where we will go ??? Is he God to decide my fate?

    There were enough fights between ...
    two continents..
    two nations
    two states in a nation
    two cities in a state
    two memebers of family in a home
    two religions ( hindu muslim)
    two Gods of the same religion ( shiva and keshava)
    NOW don't make One God into two and fight ( Vishnu and Krishna)
    Well, There is already a cold war going on between two communities of Vaishnavas .....
    I don't bother!!!!
    For me God is one. I take only what is reasonable and understandable and leave the rest.
    Humans fight for puny little reasons
    This is absurd.
    Hare Krishna
    • Hare Krishna Mata Ji

      This is not me who wrote that Shri Vishnu is demigods, it was on website of iskcon desire tree, the same plateform where are we discussing, my only concern is that do we endorse these things, first time when I enter in iskcon 3 years ago, I have been told we should only what is written in Shashtra and spoken by Gurus /Acharayas. When such thing is posted on our own website what is harm in asking the reference, we can't be so fanatic that tomorrow someone will write Giradhari is Demigod but only Krishna is supreme, we are from parampara which stands for years such publishing on website definitely needs a reference, if it is published I will ask for reference

      • E-Counselor
        Hare Krsna prabhuji,


        If you have a doubt about any article you read, please ask in the comments section below that article. We may not be equipped to answer questions on another article.

        Regarding Vishnu is supreme or Krsna, this confusion is there in the mind because you are considering them to be separate entities. Krsna in office is Vishnu. They are non different. SO many times in Krsna lila also, Bhagwanji has shown His 4 arms and immediately gone back to 2 arms.
        Henceforth please stop calssifying and degrading vishnu tattava - Who is degrading Vishnu Tattva? Where do you get these ideas from? We are forever visiting all divya desams which are mostly lying down Vishnu form deity. Why would anyone dislike Vishnu and call himself a devotee of Krsna? This is not even classified as petty - it is downright stupid.
        Vishnu has been referred to as devata even in Gita. There is a shloka - I forget which one right now. There are bhajans also - sab devon mein Krsna bade hain, jyun tara bich chanda, bhajo re man Govinda... So instead of understanding that one is supposed to bhajo Govinda, our minds go to sab devon mein....such is the treacherous nature of our minds. PLease control your mind and concentrate it on Krsna or Vishnu or Nrisimha, or Rama - whichever form appeals to your heart. Meditate on that form alone. That much is enough to reach self realization.
        Your servant,
        Radha Rasamayi DD
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