I personally can't chant on the beads without offenses.  I just perform Sankirtana, with comparatively little distraction. When I am walking, I usually sing Hare Krishna, Shopping at Walmart or Trader Joes (grocery stores), just sing through the easels. I know that I am already back to Godhead when I am singing Hare Krishna in public. In fact I feel no desire to go back to Godhead. Where ever we are, we can create a Vrindavan simply by performing Sankirtana. Then what is the need to go back to Godhead?

Why go back to Godhead, when Vrindavan can be experience right here on the Earth by performing Sankirtana while we distribute Krishna Prema freely to all.




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  • Hare Krishna, Shravan prabhu.
    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru-deva.
    Dear Shravan prabhu, I am so sorry that I had offended you. I am begging you very humbly to forgive me.
    This is not about the parrot. The parrot is just an example. It is about that you are chanting automatically. You are not chanting listening to the Holy Names.
    When Caitanya Mahaprabhu was chanting, he was always in extasy. He even did not noticed in wich surroundings he was. Are you chanting like Caitanya Mahprabhu? You can not chant concentrated on your beads, so how will you chant concentrated in public. If you can not chant concentrated in public how will you create Vrindavan?
    Pride makes you think that you can create a Holy Dhama. Pride makes you aks a question like what is the need to go back to Godhead. Pride makes you sent a reply like this. Pride makes you think that you are offended now. A real Vaisnava never get offended. A real Vaisnava never maked such statements. A real Vaisnava can forgive everybody, nomatter what problems they create for him.
    I was also like this ,prabhu. Feeling proud about my achievements in ISKCON, I was thinking I am the best.
    So, my dear Shravan prabhu, with this reply I want to beg you to give up your pride. Otherwise it will destroy you.
    Look what pride did with the Kauravas. Pride made them though that they are the most powerfull. At the end they were annihaleted.
    PLease, I am also begging you to not feel offended with this reply.
    May you be blessed to give up your pride.

    Radha Radha.
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      Caitanya Mahaprabhu das Prabhu,

      Please accept my obeisance and respects.

      I am afraid, you are making too many assumptions about me.

      You said, "You can not chant concentrated on your beads, so how will you chant concentrated in public."

      You are very wrong about this. When you chant loudly, like you do in public, you can concentrate on Krishna a lot better. My Guru Maharaj, HH Jayapataka Swami, once was asked, "I am unable to chant on the beads with focused on Krishna. I am getting too many distractions" He said, "If you chant very loudly, you will have less disturbance." Sankirtana is exactly that. Loud chanting of the Holy Names of Krishna.


      You said, "Pride makes you think that you can create a Holy Dhama."

      Vrindavan is created by the Holy Names of Krishna. Anyone can perform Sankirtana and create it. (not just insignificant me)

      • Hare Krishna Shravan prabhu.

        I did not know that you were chanting loudly, my dear prabhu. It is my bad.  sorry. Please once again can you please forgive me?

        About loudly chanting in public ,I totally agree with you.

        My dear Shravan, prabhu I was totally wrong. I am begging you to forgive me.

        You are totally correct. By loud chanting you can create Vrindavana.

        Sorry, this is my very bad karma.

        Do not feel offended prabhu.

        I can accept you as my spiritual master.

        I am very happy that you could correct me, big fool that I am.

        Hope you will forgive me.

        Keep it up with your chanting.



        • Volunteer

          Prabhu, I forgive you. Kindly bless me so I may be as humble as you are and forgive me for not being clear, what I meant.

          May you follow the 1st instuction of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, as you and other devotees reading this, that are following the 1st Instruction, by performing Harinam everyday, send blessing to both of us.

          Vijayate SriKrishna Sankirtanam!!

          • Dear Shravan prabhu, thank you so much to forgive me. Do not worry. You have not offend me.

            Thank you very much for your blessing. Do not worry,you will become more humble then me.

            That is what  Prabhupada teach us all the time, to be very humble. that makes us very special humans. 

            Thank you so much.

            Shravan prabhu ki jaya. Harinam Sankirtan ki jaya.

            Radha Radha.


  • Hare Krishna,dear Shravan prabhu.

    Dear Shravan prabhu, this conclusion of your is coming from a high level of pride. You are chanting your rounds full with offenses. Your mind is fixed on the store products and you are performing Sankirtana. Do you know what you are doing in fact? You know when you are driving a manual car and you move the stick to different gear position according to the speed of the car. So, after some times you will start to do it automatically.  You are doing your chanting the same way. On your beats and in Sankirtana. The same way how a parot will chant. A parot listening everyday to the Mahamantra. So, after a while he will chant it automatically, the same way how you are changing your stick to different gear position automatically. But when you choke his neck, you will only hear crow, crow, crow, crow etc.

    Your chanting is exactly like that parot. When dead personified will stand in front of you,and choke your neck, you will sream only noncense like that  parot. Do you know why? Because you were not chanting from the buttom of your heart. And if you are not chanting from your heart,how will you create Vrindavana in a grocery store?

    So ,my dear prabhu do not chant like this parot. Do not think,like that parot ,that Bhakti-yoga is so easy.

    Please, I hope that I have not offend you.

    Hare krishna.



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      How can you be so sure that I am chanting like a parrot?

      Does the parrot know that the Name Krishna, the God Krishna and Krihsna's passtimes are one and the same Lord Krishna?

      Does the parrot know that "Krishnastu Bhagawanu Swayam"... that Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead?

      Does the parrot know that when we chant the Holy Names of Krishna, that Krishna is with us in Person, and that when we chant in public, we are actually distributing Krishna Prema, as instructed by Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Himself?


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