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samadhi-the final stage of yoga.

what is the meaning of samadhi? is  the  samadhi will be same on all yoga system? if not then what are the differences i.e. how many types of samadhi are there? how one can reach to samadhi level by chanting hare krishna mahamantra? what situation will become there? will there be difference between soul and supersoul during samadhi level or both will be one? many acharyas have many views about samadhi level which one is correct? please explain me clearly so that i will be free from this confusion.

hare krishna. 

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  • every view about this is correct in itself. rather experience yourself. it is possible to reach samadhi by chanting hare krishna and calm the mind thereby. there are of course different grades of salvation. samadhi begins with accepting the present moment. it increases with letting go of everything temporary and finally find that the superspoul and the soul are one. well they have always been one.

    • if soul and supersoul are one how one is going to do the bhakti of another. for that soul and supersoul must be seperate to each other. please clear my this illusion. hare krishna.

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