What is meant by samadhi state? Does it mean indulging in devotional service to our lord 24 hours?

Can anybody explain me in detail , about what happens when we are in samadhi state. Will we get to know at what level of bhakti we are in? what are the symptoms ?

If we havent got that state then how to get it? How to please Krsna . I keep trying to be awake at night also and worship him secretely in my room, but very soon i fall asleeep, since i will come back from work . What do i do ? i want to be in samadhi.

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    Hare Krsna mataji. This answer is taken from the Krishna Consciousness group.

    Srila Prabhupada Lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam, 06-13-69, New Vrindaban. ON SAMADHI.

    "So anyone who is chanting Hare Krsna, he is in samadhi. Anyone who is cooking for Krsna, he is in samadhi. Anyones who is typing for Krsna, he is in samadhi. Anyone who is working in the field for Krsna, he is in samadhi. Because his consciousness is that "I am doing here for satisfaction of Krsna." Anukulyena krsnanusilanam. Anusilanam, cultivation of Krsna knowledge favorably, not unfavorably. Then it is perfection. Bhaktir uttama. Anukulyena. Anyabhilasita-sunyam. When you cook, if you think, "Oh, this nice thing is being cooked. I shall eat it very nicely," then it is not Krsna. But while cooking, if you think, "Let me do it very nicely so that Krsna will taste it," it is Krsna consciousness. The same thing. Activities is the same, but the consciousness is different. That is samadhi. So samadhi is not very extraordinary thing. One has to become simply serious and sincere to Krsna. Then he is in samadhi. That is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita..."


    • Hare Krsna,


      Thank you for your precious reply Prabhuji. Ill try to follow your words.

      • Samädhi means to be absorbed in some particular type of thought. That is called samädhi. So if you are fully Kåñëa conscious, that is samädhi. Twenty-four hours samädhi. Not that a periodical samädhi. The ordinary yogis, they... Of course, samädhi is not, I mean to say, ordinary term. Suppose if he can remain in samädhi, say, for a little period, say, one hour, two hours, but Kåñëa conscious person is in samädhi twenty-four hours, cent percent, because he is always thinking of Kåñëa. That is being explained. Mayy äsakta-manäù pärtha yogaà yuïjan mad-äçrayaù. If one performs yoga, taking shelter of Kåñëa and always thinks of Kåñëa, then he is in samädhi.

        So try to be krsna concious 24hrs to be in krsna concious,always think of him,serve him to be in samadhi

  • harE krshnA.. my humble pranAms to krshna bhakThAs.. [shrI krshna padakamalam sharanam prapaDhyE]

    mataji anusha.. samadhi is a state of complete immersion in krshnA conciousness when one no longer feels the presence of material world. Such a state is difficult to achieve until one reaches the pinnacle of devotion. It is said that nArada maharshi and sir suka brahmarshi were too in a state of samadhi while being right there in the centre of material world because they centered their self in krshnA and carried on with the body and their spiritual activities.

    So my suggestion is not to confuse this samadhi with the samadhi of hatha yogis (achieved through advance breath, mind and body control). Such samadhi can only come with practices of severe austerities, food control, senses control etc. which is not possible for all.

    We should try to learn the samadhi of narada and suka which is spiritually more beneficial to reach krshnA. keeping awake at night to chant rounds when your body needs sleep won't help you as in KCON - your mind, body and spirit should be in union with krshna. when one of these doesn't cooperate its not useful.

    Also, if you get a chance, do read narada's bhakthi sutras which gives you direction on deepening your bhakthi which leads to bhakti samadhi.

    May krshnA shower his graceful blessings and mercy on you.

    -in service of krshna and krshna bhaktas - suresh

    • Hare Krsna,

      Thank you for your precious reply. ill go through narada bhakti sutra.

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