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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Sendha namak or rock salt is recommended for ekadasi because it is not normal salt. The problem with iodised salt is (I am saying from my knowledge, cant give scriptural backup) the same with other masalas. As in, coriander leaves are allowed for ekadasi cooking, but not coriander powder - why is that? Similary, Dry red chillies is allowed but not chilli powder. The reason for this is - when these masalas are grinded, some amount of anna (grains) is added. Therefore, if you can grind these masalas at home, and keep them separate for ekadasi, then you can use these masalas for ekadasi cooking. Same with iodised salt - it si processed in factories - nobody knows what is the procedure - it may contain something which is anna or which may not suit ekadasi. Therefore, we stick to the basics during ekadasi.

    Our rishis and munis did a lot of tapa to get these non grains on earth to enable fallen souls like me to do ekadasi in Kaliyuga. In Satya Yuga, even drinking water was aparadha on ekadasi. Gradually, over the other yugas, the rules were further relaxed and for Kaliyuga, it is most relaxed. In fact, one can have a feast instead of a fast every ekadasi. Even today, ekadasi vrata entails fasting from even water for some to feasting every mealtime for otehrs. Take your pick and do what is sustainable for you.


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    Dear Prabhujis and Matajis


    Thank you all for the very nice explanation, But I still have a doubt what really happens if you take Normal Salt/ Iodized Salt for Ekadashi Prasad, after all it is offered to Govinda. 

    Does Iodized Salt break the Ekadashi Fast, i.e. doesn't make a difference once you have already consumed iodized salt you consume grains doesn't make a difference ?

  • Hare krishna Prabhu ji


    I think the best salt to take on fast day is Himalayan Pink Salt. It is the salt derived directly from the foothills of Himalaya.

    It is also called " Sendhav or sendha or phalhari namak"

  • dear prabhu

    why can't you keep a complete fast for the happiness of the supreme lord??

    This will make lord Narayan most happy.

    Since i keep a complete fast, hence, never thought to take any sort of salt or any thing else apart from water.

    hare krishna...hari bol

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      my humble obeisances dear Devotees,

      It is very nice that You fast fully Abhishek Prabhuji! But sometimes it is better to fast with honoring Ekadashi Prasadam especially if one lives active life. Or active preaching, book distribution...

      please forgive me! But both are not bad. Main thing is we have to use our intelligence and act accordingly.

      Your servant,

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