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who is sadashiv?

is he different from shiv shankar who is father of ganesh ji , kartikeya ji and husband of parvati ji . 

is there any reference from scriptures who represent about sadashiv

thnk u

hare krsna

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hare krishna

Sadashiva is one of the forms of Shiva, which, by some, is considered the highest form. He is usually depicted with five faces, representing the five elements and five powers of Shiva, and his 10 arms and hands.

The Sanskrit prefix, sada, translates as "always" and "forever." As such, Sadashiva is perceived as eternally pure and auspicious.

If sada translates to "always" and Shiva to "auspicious," Sadashiva is "the one who is always happy, loving and auspicious." In yoga, it is believed that one can find Sadashiva deep within oneself.

While the whole world is changing, the body, mind and energies change, but deep inside Sadashiva remains the same. Although challenges may arise on the external level, Sadashiva exists within one's core and even a suffering human being can find happiness from deep within.

jai Bholenath ji ki foremost devotee of lord. first vaishnava. WIthout serving vaishnavas one cannot reach LOrd.  Jai Sadashiva. Who is always meditating on Lord Sri Krishna . Who is auspicious and who is bllissful . Those who are Sri Krishna devotees are always in bliss.

Hare Krishna.

ok thnk u very much

Hare Krishna! Har Har Mahadev!

I'm glad I came on this question.

Actually there are many names associated with Lord Shiva as per attributes,functions and major mythology for the particular figure which is praised. However the essence of divinity and personality do not change.

The Sadashiva represents the five senses. He is the eternal Source of Joy: The Sanskrit prefix, Sada translates as "always" and "forever." As such, Sadashiva is perceived as eternally pure and auspicious. He is considered to be the supreme lord, ruler and source and destination of the entire creation. Devi is his primordial female principle, Adishakti. She is Paramba, the supreme mother. Sadashiva as the supreme being oversees creation, preservation and dissolution. He is beyond the the Gunas and at the same time, possessor of all three gunas.

The other Forms are :-

Rudra: One who is fierce, he is the personification of terror among demons, as per Rig Veda Rudra is the eliminator of evil and usherer of peace.

Shiva: The Auspicious one, the state of pure existence that is not possible to describe through words.he is embodiment of grace.

Sakshat Shiva: As per Shiva Sahasra nama there is one particular sloka:

Iswarya yadrusam thasya jagadyoner mahatmana,
Thadayam drushtavaan sakshath puthrartho Harir achyutha.

This Krishna who is Hari, who did penance for getting a son,*
Has seen the greatness of Maheswara who is the origin of the world.

Om Tat Sat (All sources are within you)

Hare Krishna!

alright prji ,thnx for replying and this beautiful divine picture of mahadev.

hare krsna

Hare krishna ,

           Sadashiva is the Shiva in the Spiritual Wold -- Kailash , Since he Eternally Resides there with his Devotees he is called Sada -- Forever , Eternally .Lord Shiva who Resides on this Planet Earth in Himalayas on Mount Kailash is Called Shankar.

thnk u so much bhanu prji for reply and  this structure .

hare krsna

thnk u prji 

hare krsna


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