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hare krisna devotees my obeisances, I wanted to ask a question about how to transform my house into a sacred place:

currently living in a 3x3 room where I have my altar, a small kitchen, refrigerator and a bed to sleep in, plus several furniture. If you could help me how to make my home even more sacred, they tell me about it (in addition to having my altar)

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Hare Krishna Prabhu,

Some ideas:

*A Carpet with Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra Printed On It.
*A bathroom baby Krishna shower gel
*A metal Japa bead door chain
*A Jagannath shaped frying pan
*Spaghetti Hoops spelling: GAURA Hari!
*Wallpaper depicting Brahmajyoti
*A floating chair
*A bathtub shaped like the Yamuna
*A chariot shaped sofa (chair)
*A clock that depicts eternal time
*Windows ( to the spiritual world)
*Fridge that says 'Im so Maya, cold'
*An oven handle shaped like Lord Shiva staff.
*Shiva trishul at your Door

Jokes aside, you seem to have similar home me. A massive canvas picture of Krishna Lola is what I would get. Maybe lord Buddha.

Carpet? You dont want to step on Mahamantra

No it's a flying carpet prabhuji. You would need to wear hare Krishna special hoover boots, then only can walk.

Invite and do Kirtan with 3 practicing devotees who sincerely want to do kirtan, at least once a week. Feed them sumptuous prasadam.

Yuga dharma for the age, is Hari Nama Sankirtana.

- A neat and clean place to sit and chant your prescribed rounds facing the photo of your Guru Maharaj/Lord Krishna/Deity.

- Keeping the Altar and offering always clean.

- Visiting nearby ISKCON temple at least once a week or weekend to get association of devotees. I have heard in one temple lecture myself that, "If the heart is transformed, the place residing will automatically be transformed." Thus I also sincerely try to attend live weekly lectures.



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