hare krishna,

 i love krishna from a long time , i want to grow my spritual life, i have no guru, bhagwat gita(as it is) is my spritual guru .................i want to chant maha mantra on tulsi beads ,, r there any rules for chanting, i cant chant 16 rounds.


can i chant 1 0r 2 rounds daily ...........

and please also tell do i need to follow a strict vegetrian diet in order to chant on tulsi beads ,, at this time by somehow indirect egg is consumed inform of cakes etc etc please help  and also can we continue the consumption of onion and garlic .......


please tell me all the precautions one needs to follow in oder to chant maha mantra on tulsi beads......

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  • Hare Krishan Akshay ji.......


    Its a very wonderful thing that u realise ur love for Krishna and want to uplift spiritually.....

    And Chanting is the driving force to accomplish what is all written in our scriptures...


    Yes, There are few rules to chant mahamantra..

    1. You must have ur own separate beads(mala for japa) and bead-bag. You can take it from ISKCON and must offer offer Japa-Mala to krishna's lotus feets in temple.

    2.Its not necessary to chant 16 rounds in starting. U can start by 1 or 2 rounds daily but that shud be fix. Like if u vow to chant 2 rounds daily then u must have to chant 2 rounds daily.

    3.   This link will tell u all information on how to chant ....

    4.Well regarding Diet,u must take vow to leave non-veg. If u r taking egg indirect then u must leave it.

    5. Onion an garlic should be avoided to grow spiritually. But the secret is - when u start chanting with full devoion and attention, u will not like to eat onion and garlic. When i started chanting and Krishna conciousness, i loved to eat onion and also told my mother everytime to prepare food with onion. But when i get to know that onion should not be eaten to follow vaishanvism, i tried to avoid it and its all the effect of chanting that i dont like onion and garlic now. Even i cant bear the smell of these we dnt make onion at home (sometimes my brother demanded it so my mom just make for him)


    That why i told u that chanting is the driving force which helps to attain perfection and helps u to purify ur diet.

    Actually chanting makes ur conciousness pure so will u externally.

    To get to know all other rules and regulations of Hare Krishna Movement u can read book-"Beginners guide for krishna conciousness". U can take these book from Iskcon temple. It is also available in ISKCON-east of kailash as u go there.

    Also try to attend classes and lectures in temple.

    I pray Krishna showers his  mercy on u and give u his divine deviton.



    How to chant on beads |
    • Hare krishna ........

      thank you soo much for taking out the time and replying me ........lord krishna would be also very happy from you , you are doing a gr8 work thank you soo much.......


      HariBol !!

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