Room in Mayapur for november 2012

 Hare Krsna,

 Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

 My name is Tribhanga Sundara das, i am from New Zealand. I am doing the Diploma of Arcana course
 at Mayapur Academy this year starting on the 6 November 2012 to the 23 Feb
 2013. It is a four month course.

I am inquiring about renting a small room even for a month or until a room comes up in the  Gada bhavan , there are not rooms until maybe the 25 Nov as HH Radhanath Swami Yarta During is this time.
 I would most likely come a few days before the course to settle in to the course , also is it possible to have a small fridge in
 the room as I take medication that has to be keep in a fridge? or a fridge I could out my med's in.

Please if anyone can help me?
 I look forward to hearing from you.

if I can't find a place to stay I cant do the course.

your servant tribhanga

tribhanga sundara das

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  • Volunteer

    please see this document i got to day to my email Prabhuji,

    also their emal: "Rama V. Zaldivar" <>


  • Volunteer

    do not worry Mahaprabhu won't let His Devotees to stay under the palm trees.

  • Volunteer

    Are You in Mayapur forum Prabhuji? Maybe You will post Your message there also?!

    If You can not find rooms inside the campus it is possible to find it outside.

    Please try to call this Prabhuji Govinda Prabhu : 919046247898

    Or else there is anything then You can stay in Navadvip and every morning take boat to Mayapur Dham.

    Your servant, 

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