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Rock climbing and service

Hare Krishna. I love rock climbing. I was introduced to it when I was seven years old and have just now realized how beautiful the sport is. I find myself enjoying nature, traveling and staying healthy. I think of myself as using the body that Krishna put me in as a way to appreciate and love the world that Krishna also created. Moving on the rock is a yoga to me, it helps me meditate on my every move, and concentrate on the breath carefully. I want to know if my reasons for climbing can be transferred into devotional service unto Krishna?Thank you

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  • Jake's right, many different things are meditation to different people Gardening to some exhausting one's self-chanting and dancing & singing, others will choose playing musical instruments. What ever the centering and relaxing & fulfilling pastime that you enjoy that also brings peace  of mind to you and is harmless to others is a good thing. as far as making Krishna more inclusive with in it. I would simply suggest' posing for "Dondavots, & other bowing down and performing other Rites and devotional jesters intermittently. As those people do during pilgrimages around "Goverdana Hill.  congratulations on finding such an auspicious pastime to include into your activates! did you know that as a tradition-of old, folks who were fortunate enough to know early-On about their own impending death illness or demise would go climb  holy mountains reasoning that "Naturally old karma would fall away as their body's ascended" visiting or creating the holy places along the way, so as a purification tactic it is also outstanding! good luck always. Haray Bol

  • Just wanted to add to the previous answers.

    You can try climbing rocks in some places which are directly related to Krishna's pastimes like Ahobilam, Tirupati Balaji, Melukote, etc. 

    I personally enjoyed climbing of very steep stairs(cut out from the rocks) in Melukote. It is 150Kms from Bangalore. Famous for Adi Narsimha Deity. Narsimha Dev after meeting Prahalad Maharaj freezed Himself and became a deity. Same freezed Narsimha Dev you can see now also.

  • Sarva,

    You have answered your own question. Your rock climbing is yoga to you, it is meditation, keeps you healthy, and helps you to appreciate the beauty of the world Krishna has created. In my view you have already transfered your rock climbing to devotional service to Krishna. Prabhupada called this "dovetailing" our desires to Krishna.

    If rock climbing increases your love for Krishna (through meditation, yoga and appreciating the beauty of Krishna's creation), and your love for Krishna increases your ability to find beauty in rock climbing (I assume this is the case since you said you only recently found the beauty of the sport; I could be wrong), then I'd say it is a very positive thing in your life that will create a positive feedback loop, only bringing you more and more joy.

    If it brings you more joy, and brings you closer to Krishna, there is no problem.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Hare Krishna
  • krishna consciousness does not mean you cannot have  some passion other than devotional activities . If by rock climbing you can stay fit and happy and also practice sadhana ,it is no issue.Always  keep Radharani and Krishna in heart . love them  and be happy and honest. 

    You can read the story of Pundarik Vidyanidhi and Gadadhar Pandit. It will resolve your conflict of mind. It is a difficult concept to understand.

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