Rituals after death of a family member

Hare krishna 🙏

Can anyone please tell me one thing... actually my mother's real sister's father in law expired yesterday suddenly.

And tomorrow on our home that is in parental side we have organised Ramayana path .All the arrangements have been made earlier .So we can't cancel these paths also.

So now can my mother go in the ramayan path and do aarti there after attending  the baithak of my mausi's Father in law?

Is it an offence because my family panditjis' are denying that we can't do like this.

Please guide what is right as per the Shastras?




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  • Hare Krishna Mata ji,

    Woman has maila ( sutaka) for min. 3 day if her parents some one expires. But if her sister's father inlaw expires she goes there or not also she will have 1 day maila or sutaka. What ur priest said is true.

    If she ( mother for ur case) ur father side someone expires, ( who belong to same gotra) then they have maila for 11- 13 days. Pls. follow ur priest.  

    As ur mother's sister's father inlaw expired even if she goes there or not also she will have to not touch God for a day.  She cannot do pooja for one day.

    after that yeah she is free to do she can take headbath wash all the clothes which she has used. clean the house if possible with ganga jal or with go mutra  or with turmeric tulasi jal ..and  then deities also should have abhisheka and rituals of pooja can be started whatever you are doing.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna mataji 😇

      Thanku so much for this very helpful information.

      Mataji but i have one doubt that how come we can't touch deties when someone dies in our family because  god is all pure.

      Even if someone  impure touches god then this is the fact that god can't become impure.

      Mataji can u please explain this concept of sutak🙏

      • That is how it is told by purva aacharayas. Its some niyam and rituals told in shastras. We cannot understand with our material mind why they put such niyam. Maybe It is for cleanliness.

        In those days death were caused by serious bacterial or viral infections and also some communicable diseases. If anyone goes to those places. When they come back they should not spread it to others. So they kept a rules that the person who went touched the deadbody or did any kriya karam should not come and touch anyone. and sit for 14 day quarantine. 

        But ofcourse.., neighbors or some other gotra people can cook food and do pooja at their house. As the pooja and ritual cannot be broken. God is alway pure. 

        Just that the person is not doing things or pooja doesn't mean anyone else can't do in her place.

        You can do it in her place. Or her co-sister(  your father's elder brother's or young brother's wife ) can sit and do pooja and also cook food for deities also. Pooja can be performed, but this person who is in sutaka shouldn't touch others and sit at a secluded place and ofcourse she can read Gita and do japa. But deities are not to be touched by her.
        See, In case of menstruation time also we are allowed to read Gita or do japa but Never allowed in temples and touch deites.

        These are some strict rules laids by purava aacharyaa that is to be followed.

        Hare Krishna.

        • Okay mataji 

          Thankuu so much for giving me your precious time in   clearing my doubt 🙏😇

          Hare Krishna mataji

          Dandvat pranam🙏

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    If your mother has to go for the baithak. she has to come back and take bath before touching anything. Then she has to take gangajal and tulsi leaf, do pranam at the altar to the deities. Then she can do anything. This is what I know.

    Maasi family gotra and your family gotra would be different right? THen there is no dosh.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Okay mataji 

      Yes mataji their family gotras are different.

      Thanku so much mataji for your kind help 😇🙏

      And mataji if family gotras are same then should we not attend the Ramayan and arti?

      Mataji can u please also  tell what is the meaning of PAMHO which you have written?

      • Hare Krishna

        PAMHO is an abbreviation of Please Accept My Humble Obeisances

        kind of like LOL

        Hare Krishna

        • Hare Krishna mataji 🙏

          Thanku so much for the information 😇

          Mataji i am sorry actually i am unable to find the reply which u did on my ekadashi question .

          Though i got my answer which u gave at gmail .

          Actually i replied u at gmail but then I got to know that we can't reply on that platform.

          Mataji i read ur reply their so mataji please inform me also if u find any group to progress in krishna bhakti apart from this wonderful platform.

          • yes, I did find a group related to lord krishna's poems or articles. If you're into writing then you can join it


            poems on Krishna
            Hare Krishna and Welcome to ISKCON Desire Tree Multimedia social network of The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)
            • Thanku so much mataji for sharing this link 🤗

              But mataji for now i am not into writing but if my interest will develop in this service then surely i will join this group.

              Hare Krishna mataji 😇🙏


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