Request for sponsoring my child's education... 🙏

I'm an initiated devotee named Gokul Dasa. I have a kid, aged 10 years and named Krishna who is very much inclined towards Stills Prabhupada teachings. He is also chanting daily and knows Gaudiya Philosophy upto his level. He is a brilliant student in his grade 3.

Because of bad economical condition, it is becoming difficult for us to give him proper education.

Our gurukul in Mayapur is very very costly (₹10,000 per month). So I've admitted him in local school in Agra, my home city, so that he can get basic education.

There school fee is also we can not bear. The fees in school is ₹4500 monthly.

I'm humbly begging to vaishnava community to show mercy on this child and sponsor his education.

Please reply prabhus or mathajis...

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