removing ego & proud

hare krishna
dandawat pranam
please accept my respetful obeisances
all glories to shrila prabhupada.

I've a friend (mataji) who is a sincere devotee. but she has ego problem & is little proud. I have to change her, remove her ego & proud.

Dear Devotees I need your help. How can I remove such habits, she is very good mataji but somehow she has cultivated those habits.

I dont want to put pressure to make her change her habits instantly but I want to purify her from inward slowly so that it will be premanent.

Also, you know mataji are very emotional so how can I deal with her???

How can I do it??

Hare Krishna.

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  • Volunteer

    just increase Your devotion for some period at least and leave her alone for that time. And her nose will come down and she will become humble.

    Sometimes we take things granted when they are coming easily. Let she know Your price!

    Your servant, 

    • hare krishna 

      dandawat pranam mataji.

      Thank you mataji for your concern. But the problem is not between her and me. 

      She is humble to me and good but it is her unconscious nature ego & pride. It is her hereditary character. 

      I want to remove that.

      Hare krishna.

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krsna pr

        humble obeisances.

        Be an example to her that by seeing you , c imbibes these qualities. If ur frndship is very strong, then you can tell her also but then be very careful, (correcting others,even if they are friends, spoils relationships )

        Ask her to hear lectures of HH Radhanath Swami mahraj, he focuses a lot on not being egoistic and proud. She will go down for sure, once she hears his lectures and starts following him.

        Hari bol.


        • Thank you Prabhu for your reply.

          Where can I find the lectures of HH Radhanath Swami mahraj?

          • Volunteer


            you will find lectures related to all the anarthas on this link.. you can hear whichever you want. all of them are very good. The ones u r looking for you will find them under " pride" folder.

            Hari bol


            • Volunteer

              yes, very nice advice to hear lectures.

              Also nice if she does menial service at the Temple.

              Also it is very nice if she has friends - very humble friend so she will also become like they are. 

              But i am sure she is a very nice Mataji and who can say that one has no any pride.

              It  is there in every one of us heart. And if she is chanting her rounds it means she is trying her best to remove it. 

              And also very nicely said about self example.

              We can change people when we start working on ourselves.

              No other way.

              Your servant, 

              • very much thank you mataji for your reply.

                She is very nice only she needs is some guidance. I'll do my best.

                hari bol.

            • hare krishna.

              Thank you prabhu.

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