Religious OCD !

Hare Krishna Devotees


Hare Krishna I am Facing Religious OCD Since 6 months and it's increasing day by day and I am not able to cure it myself and share it with my family.

The intrusive and unwanted thoughts and images are just ruining my life.

I am not able to help myself ....please devotees help me to get out of this and please guide me that should I consult a psychiatrist??

Please guide me and help me with these dirty thought and images of Sri Sri Radha Madhav. 

And please help me that are these thoughts and images sinful and would Sri Sri Radha Madhav Forgive me for my dirty , sexual and blasphemous thoughts and images


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      • Hare Krishna Mata Ji


        Sure Mata Ji...I will never leave japa...and try my level best to ignore all these thoughts and always try to be in the service of Sri Sri Radha Madhav..

        Thankyou so much Mata ji for instructing and guiding me... May Sri Sri Radha Madhav shower lots of blessings on you..

        Hare Krishna



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