Religious OCD

Hare Krishna!

Mata ji and Prabhu ji From recent few months i am not able to worship my deities and think of them because whenever i try to worship or think, some unwanted thoughts and images gets triggered into my mind.
I searched on internet and get to know that these are the symptoms of the Religious OCD.I am troubled because of intrusive thought and unwanted images and some compulsive behaviours and i am not able to find the way out.
All the time i am thinking that what will happen if krishna would get upset from me...what would happen if they get to know that their devotee is thinking like this....whether they are going to punish me for my thoughts and images.
I get the very bad and sometimes sexual thoughts also and this the sexual one is just horrible ....later i think that how my mind can think of that...🤯🤯
I searched on internet but not getting any solution.
Please help me and guide me to the new sun....🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    What is in the mind will only come out in various ways. It is on us to input the right things to the mind, so that the mind can wander on those inputs.

    PLease start deity worship and continue. Pray very humbly to the deities - I do not know how to worship You. Please teach me. I will do whatever You teach me. Then keep your eyes and ears open, observe how deity worship is done during arati time in the temple, what all festivals are celebrated, how they are celebrated and try to implement in your house to the extent possible. Slowly and surely you will learn. In the entire process, your mind will dwell on how to improve your service. Then these negatvice dirty thoughts will automatically be flushed out.

    Be rest assured, Krsna is not angry with you. If Krsna is angry with us, we are so miniscule. Do you think we will be able to withstand His anger? He is most munificent. Life after life we have ignored Him and He is still giving us a chance to go back to Him, through the easiest process - simply taking His name without any rules or regulations. 

    THis is one of the advantages of Kaliyuga - anything done in thought alone will not incur sin, unless it is converted into words and acts. Having said that, we have to be careful that we are thinking the right stuff. Whenere we cannot think right, just pray for mercy.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krishna Mata ji

      Thankk you so so much for your response..🙏🙏🙏 

      Mata Ji i will definitely follow your instructions.

      And once again thannk u sso so so much 🙏🙏 and plss mata ji pray for me that i could get out this as soon as possible🙏

      May Sri Sri Radha Rani and Krishna Shower blessings on you . 

      Harri Bolll

      Hare krishna🙏

  • Hare Krishna, 

    Sir, Iam also a devotee and facing these problems by some time , but belive me I find a answer by some satsang , one Prabhu ji teaching these and say us that Maya does'nt fight with any another person accept devotee because everyone is inside Maya but devotee is trying to going outside yet when devotee is doing his devoteness properly  like- regularly thinking about krsna , doing 16 mala japper day and all  so, Maya start fighting with them 

    So, it's nice that you are doing your devotee job in so good manner that's why these thingh's are happening 

    So, just ignore the thought's and १६16 round's per day it's make life so, beautifull . I know it's so hard , I suffered form there , and saying some undevotee this will like a felling like a mental and sharing this t thought to devotee is also shamefull but try Sri Sri Radhe krishna is listing you



    • Thank u so much mata ji for your relaxed my mind and gave me hope and motivated me for never giving it up ...thank u thank u so much mata ji..🙏🙏🙏❣

      Yes mata ji i have started japa and now i have reached at 9 mala daily...and i will try my level best to reach 16 mala as soon as possible...

      Once again thank u very much ....may Radha Rani shower blessings on u..🙏🙏


  • Hare Krishna,

    You must take advice of an expert. 

    pls. call them and take an appointment

    Hare Krsna TV Counseling Call Center - Blog - ISKCON Desire Tree | IDT

    Hare Krishna

    Hare Krsna TV Counseling Call Center
      *Hare Krsna TV Counseling Call Center*   Is your mind troubled about something? Are you hurt because of a bad experience with a relative or friend?…
    • Thank u mata ji...but can i talk on mail with Hare Krsna TV.

      Actually i would not be comfortable on call?

      • make a call and take an appointment. Then follow the directions what they say and tell them what you have to say. Like If you are not feeling comfortable and want to discuss on mail they will surely make that arrangement also.

        Hare Krishna

        • Thank u mata ji ....i will definitely try this..🙏🙏

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