Recently, i read a question from a devotee which said that she had lost both of her parents and is there a chance to meet those relatives in the next life.The answer was that its best to establish relationship with krishna . I agree with that but one question i have ,that is is it wrong to have a relationship amongst living entities or in other way what does krishna want from us regarding relationships with other living entities.Since there are  so many living entities,so relationships between living entities wil also exist,does krishna permit them or not,or is that since krishna is the complete whole so when we establish a relationship with krishna, so everybody is already encompassed and hence no separate relationship with them is required?

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    Hare Krishna, prabhuji!!! I too read the same question that you have mentioned and it was me and Bhaktin Maral Mataji who posted the answer that it is best to establish your lost relationship with Krishna. Actually, the basis of every relationship is attraction and dependence. But the objects on which we depend, to which we are attracted and with which we try to establish our relationship are temporary, hence the satisfaction that we derive is also momentary. The satisfaction stays as long as the object is with us and when it is gone, we have pain.Take the case of this devotee, She was happy with her parents. Now when her parents are gone, she is bereaved. The same we find in every relationship. A boy or a girl is sad when his/her partner abandons him/her. A man addicted to wine will always want to have it. His pleasure depends on the wine. Without wine, he almost becomes mad and can't rest for a second. We always need some extraneous help, extraneous relationship to please ourselves but the agency that provides us pleasure is temporary. So we need to change the course of our relationship from temporary to eternal. Krishna is Love personified(Rasa vigraha).It is love after which we chase and Krishna is the embodiment of Love. Love and Krishna are not separate. So all the pleasures after which we hanker will be satiated when we revive our relationship with Krishna. And most importantly, in the spiritual world, spiritual pleasure doesn't depend on the presence or the absence of the object or agency that gives us pleasure, i.e. Krishna. In material world,man+objects of pleasure=satisfaction and man-objects of pleasure=pain. In spiritual world, living entity+Krishna=happiness, living entity-Krishna=happiness, how? by chanting His name we are always happy even though we can't see Him. Since Krishna is complete, the joy we derive through Him is also complete.So there is nothing more blissful than a spiritual relationship with Krishna. Such a relationship makes one forget all mundane mellows of material relationships. Arjun,initially, was not ready to fight with his relatives. But when Krishna took him out from the veils of Maya, he took up his bow.He didn't care who was his guru, who was his friend, who was his grandfather knowing Krishna to be the Supreme truth. It is not that we must renounce this world and lead a life of absolute celibacy. But at the same time, we should not be attached to this world but to Krishna and Krishna alone knowing Him to be the Nearest and Dearest of all. And when we learn to love Krishna, we are blessed with a spiritual eye by Krishna; then we will see Krishna everywhere, in every living entity, in both friends and foes, so we will learn to love each and every living entity. This is the answer of your question (what does krishna want from us regarding relationships with other living entities).But for this highest realization, we should first establish our relationship with Krishna and learn to love and serve Him. 

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

      Dandavat pranam,

      wht a wonderful explanation. hari bol.

      You are mentioning about brahma bhuta prasanna atmah,very nice but for me its very difficult to achieve,but i pray to krishna and to you all to give your blessings so that i can keep on practicing whatever the situation may be.krishna is most merciful , lets see when i fully understand this.

      With regards,



  • hare krishna prabhuji,

    i've heard of a concept called

    "vasudeva kutumbakam"

    meaning all living beings belong to one family... the family head being lord vasudeva.

    hare krishna...!!

    • hare krishna prabhuji,

      dandavat pranam

      Thanks for the very short and beautiful answer, but the difficulty is that we don't apply the above concept told by you,living together does not mean loving each other ,otherwise why even family members in a house keep on fighting.

      Sorry if I am offending you in any way.

      With regards,



      • hare krishna prabhuji,

        that is the dilemma prabhuji,

        i certainly agree with you together does not mean loving each other

        people have even forgot the definition of family....

        i've heard that a family is a group of people who does bhajan and bhojan together.

        try doing bhajan n bhojan together n.. i'm sure there won't be any quarrells in any family..n would start loving each other.

        hare krishna...!!

        • Hare krishna prabhuji

          Dandavat pranam

          very well said,if everybody in the world chants the holy name of the Lord and eats prasadam , then we are all from the same family, no matter how far we are living from each other.

          with regards,



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    Hare Krishna Shashank Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    As we know there are 4 ashrams:





    In this way the true meaning of these ashrams is the particular association with material energy - WOMEN.

    In all these stages one learns the nature of material energy - WOMEN.

    And when they really love them they accept sannyasa ashram.

    In this way the person who really loves women are SANNYASIS. Why?

    Because they do not have desire to exploit them and use them for their own sense gratification.


    Brahmachari keeping distance trains himself in spiritual knowledge in order not to fall into the victim of maya - women. and it is not show yet their love to women. Some Brahmacahris dislike women it is the same coin but the other side. attachment.

    Grihastha comes closer to them and associates with her under strict rules and regulations. then from kama comes "fed up ness" moksha. It means if couples lived family life properly by strict rules then this detachment will come naturally. (detachment to a person as a body but realization that we are both souls, we are not man and woman we are souls)


    then they accept vanaprastha ashram. attachment and exploration is still there but not too much.

    Then as we said above when they really see them as souls, when they really love them, they accept Sannyasa.

    Love means - to serve but not to exploit.


    In this way You can check whether Your love is true or not. Are You ready to love Your wife even if You do not see her beauty, she won't cook for You, she won't talk with You and give to You her close association...if not so then it is not true love.

    Your servant, 

    • hare krishna

      Accept my humble obeisances.All glories to srila prabhupada and his disciples

      thankyou for clearing the meaning of love.

      as for checking it I can't check it with my wife because I am not yet married.I was talking about other realtionships like parents ,etc.

      with regards,


      • Volunteer

        with the parents the same. For example, the time when we stop to demand from them something material that time only we will have strength to preach to them and make them Devotees.

        when we in the subtle form or in the gross form wait for something from others then we can not give them Krishna Consciousness. But the time when we fully want to give but not to take that time we will be able to preach to anyone in the World. As like pure Vaishnavas do.

        But the time when we wait for something from others we become morose, unhappy. Why?

        Because only pure Devotees are ready to make us ready others some times busy with their own problems. EGOISM.

        But in the place of blaming them we have to start to cut our own EGOISM. and serve to people showing example.

        Your servant, 


        • Hare krishna Mataji,

          Accept my humble obeisances

          "But the time when we fully want to give but not to take that time we will be able to preach to anyone in the World. As like pure Vaishnavas do".This statement is really wonderful.The way you answer shows that you yourself is a self realized person and a great devotee and this is not for flattering you.You have a very good understanding of life.

          Please keep on giving your mercy to all.

          Thankyou, thanks a lot.

          With regards,

          Your servant

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