regards illicit sex

what is an illicit sex refers to?is mastrubation an illicit sex ?please answer prabhus iam very glad if any one can answer please as modern science says it is normal and relief bit i feel guilt feeling i want to practise krishna consiousness please prabhus?how to overcome it iam 21 year old

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            • hare krishna i want to give up this habit.and i started but what degrades me that, is it normal to stop the habit at age of 21 and i sometimes watch tv as my parents are not kc and iam living with them i really come across some bad things but i can control it.but what really hurt me is is this supression leads to impotence later in a married life i truly need helping hands

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                Hare Krishna . Please Accept my humble obeisances.All glories to Srila Prabhuapada

                /*but what really hurt me is is this supression leads to impotence later in a married life i truly need helping hands*/

                what it seems from your doubt that you have a fear regarding your future married life. If am not wrong you are thinking that if quitting masturbation leads you to impotence.Just use some intelligence, in vedic times a male only enters into Grihasta life after completing Bramhacharya ashram, and in Brahmacharya ashram pupils were specially taught celibacy ( celibacy in speech,thought and physically). Now when they entered Grihasta Ashram do you think that all become impotent ?? ..NO...its ridiculous.

                Just make it simple "SEX IS NATURAL WHEN IT USED WHAT IT IS MEANT FOR" and what it is meant for?? Only for beggetting Good children. BG says so

                BG 7.11: I am the strength of the strong, devoid of passion and desire. I am sex life which is not contrary to religious principles, O lord of the Bhāratas [Arjuna].


                The strong man's strength should be applied to protect the weak, not for personal aggression. Similarly, sex life, according to religious principles (dharma), should be for the propagation of children, not otherwise. The responsibility of parents is then to make their offspring Kṛṣṇa conscious.o

                Now if we use it otherwise (apart from begetting children) that will surely open the gate to hell. Don't belive in todays doctor's researcher's words . They are just advertising for the Internet/porn companies. Just think if everyone's mind become pure and free from lusty desires how this doctors magazines will feed their belly which they earn by promoting this sex selling companies..ha ha ha.

                so just chant chant and chant and read srila prabhupadas books and associate with devotees only and serve selflessly whatever way you can...............LUST MAKE US SELFISH,LOVE MAKE US SELFLESS....TRY TO LOVE KRISHNA..

                • thank u........shashank srivastava prabhu and sudipta roy prabhu.i will use your words as inspiration and i already started serious determination i started chanting 4 rounds.which i used to do 1 round before.i came to krishna consiousness by reading  journey to self discovery book 5 months before i have given non-veg and intoxication and gambling(which i even does not have before)so coming to illicit sex i thought it would be only sex before now i came to know that any act which does not accompanies krishna is is the happiest day in my life.i will conquer this habit by the grace of supreme lord krishna and try to purify my heart even more spiritually.

                  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji

                    All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

                    As rajshri Prabhu has already replied that u are so honest,so this honesty of yours will make you progress,try to increase your chanting and reading of Prabupada's books and everything will fall in place gradually.

                    With Regards,

                    Your servant


                  • Even though a woman be made of wood or stone, she becomes attractive when decorated. One becomes sexually agitated even by touching the form. Therefore one should not trust his mind, which is so fickle that it can give way to enemies at any moment. The mind is always accompanied by six enemies—namely, kāma, krodha, mada, moha, mātsarya and bhaya—that is, lust, anger, intoxication, illusion, envy and fear. Although the mind may be merged in spiritual consciousness, one should always be very careful in dealing with it, just as one is careful in dealing with a snake. (Sri Caitanya Caritamrta----2:11:10----purport). ------------

              • Hare krishna Prabhu,

                Dandavat Pranam

                All glories to Srila Prabhupada

                why r u thinking so much about these are 21, its time to do something in your life materially also,so that u can have good conditions for practising krsna consciousness.

                See, I am not a surrendered soul, but i think at sometimes , even for a very short period, we can surrender unto krsna,let him take care of all this impotency and all,if he desires then u will have nice children.

                So , first try to have a means of living on your own and even then your habit does not go, then marry at an appropriate age(4 or 5 years from now)

                But don't think too much about all this,try to think about Krsna.Divert your mind to Prabhupada's books when such thoughts come to your mind.

                Only proper guidance and practice can some senior devotee at your place

                With regards,



    • Hare krishna Gourabh Prabhu,

      Dandavat Pranam,

      Yes Krishna is merciful , only we need to endeavour,then the rope for tying krishna with love would not be short by two fingers.

      Thanks a lot , i need mercy from u devotees also.

      With Regards,

      Your servant


  • I think it is.

    Prabhupada very clearly says that illicit means anything outside marriage. Best, he says, is sex for purpose of kids, but if not then it should be limited to marriage.

    Hare Krsna.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    Dandavat Pranam,

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    Yes,masturbation is also illicit sex.Guilt feeling is necessary,because this will help you in not doing it again.

    Actually in this modern world the surroundings around us are so polluted that most young people are affected by this.

    Actually every 40 drops of blood combine together to form 1 drop of semen(if I remember correctly),so its like losing your blood or in turn your energy when you do such an act, and it can have very lasting harmful consequences in the future.Semen is a very important fluid which is useful for your body,if you don't lose it.

    These modern doctors and all ,just for the sake of earning money will spread any wrong information.

    Yes, I agree that with such a polluted surrounding you can have some problem in leaving it,but all these problems are miniscule,what you can do is to avoid loneliness,try to be with devotees,don't read or see any literature which contains vulgar material,take prasadam ,avoid food in mode of passion and ignorance.It is said that if you control your tongue,you can control your sexual desires.

    Try to chant more and read more Srila Prabhupada's books and srimad bhagvatam and bhagvad gita.More you will concentrate on Krsna , the lesser will be these kind of sexual feelings.

    You can also refer to Satvasvarup goswami Maharaj's book "Obstacles in devotional service"

    But one thing is true that you can't progress in spiritual life without leaving this habit.We can't be in two boats at the same time,otherwise we are pretenders.

    In the end it is easy to say but doing it requires determination and only Guru and Krsna can help.Please pray to them


    Your servant


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