regards illicit sex

what is an illicit sex refers to?is mastrubation an illicit sex ?please answer prabhus iam very glad if any one can answer please as modern science says it is normal and relief bit i feel guilt feeling i want to practise krishna consiousness please prabhus?how to overcome it iam 21 year old

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  • hare krsna  shashank srivastava  and shravan prasad prabhuji.

    very good answers.

    Thank you for bringing this topic up.

    It really opened the doors of knowledge for me.


    • Hare krishna,

      Dandavat pranam,

      Thanks Prabhuji, I have written quite a lot, but writing is different from following,so actually I don't deserve to give suggestions.

      With regards,

      Your servant,


      • hare krishna prabhu your writings are very inspiring to me.iam trying to follow have made a great help for me and i hope krishna blessings with you all the time.

    • hare krishna prabhu you have told that if i cant stop this habit marry at an appropriate age (25 or 26)but even iam in  krishna conciousness then i believe it is an appropriate age as said by prabhupada(one should enter gruhastita at an age of 25  if we wnt to perceive a kc practicing brahmacharya up to that age.

      • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

        Dandavat pranam,

        All glories to Srila prabhupada

        yes prabhu definitely,but sometimes in this modern age due to some unavoidable circumstances , you can't marry at the appropriate age and actually these circumstances are also the result of our past karmas,may be from this lifetime or from previous life also.

        So, if your life is on a perfect path(by blessings of lord Sri krsna)then you will marry at an appropriate age.mine is not a perfect one, so i am looking forward to improve it and since in reality we all are spirit souls so the improvement will come when we develop spiritually.

        Thanks and regards,

        Your servant


  • Volunteer

    Brilliant reply Shashank Prabhu!!! Our energy must be wholly utilised for Krishna and it should not be wasted in useless things. Anything that has nothing to do with Krishna is illicit. Shasankh prabhu, it is great to see that at least you have showed your interest in Krishna consciousness. If you put one step towards Krishna, he will take you ten steps further to Him. This is the promise of Krishna. Keep on chanting and you will feel His mercy and love!!!! Hare Krishna!!!

    • brilliant explaination shashank prabhu i can overcome it.but when i was in inter when i started it i found a guilt feeling and went to a doctor(not an ayurvedic)he said that it is good for health and inturn added that supression of sexual feelings lead to severe consequences so it is better to have mastrubation without any guilt feeling and also told that it is natural for health over 98 percent men do this he added these are the words used to encourage to indulge in this habit.i want overcme this habit but in this world everywhere i see polluted literature on the walls of streets,television(usually i will not watch tv but some time or other i come across some obscence scenes in tv and even in internet)most important one question is that how to see a women is it is motherly feeling and something like that but if we started feeling like many years how can we marry as we are treating every women as a mother?please advice your advice value me a lot

      • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

        Dandavat Pranam,

        Prabhu, its better that u listen to a senior devotee or a sannyasi, but still whatever I know I would like to tell.

        Tell me one thing,when u are doing kirtan or doing some service for Krsna , then do you get these feelings, no u don't , then u said u feel guilty , guilt comes only when we are wrong or we think we are wrong, then it definitely means that there is something wrong about this habit.

        I will answer you frankly,that through this phase everybody goes,sex u can say is a bodily demand like animals also have.So i can't pose myself as a great sadhu and say that i didn't experience this.But all this is more prominent when we are i material life.As soon as you are in Krsna consciousness,this demand starts decreasing and it gradually becomes zero.

        I am 30 and i myself have experienced that after coming in krsna consciousness,this desire has gradually decreased.i can't say that i look upon every woman as mother,i don't want to pretend but i don't look upon them with lust also.So that much improvement is there.

        See if you come across a beautiful woman,u pls. don't keep staring at her, that doesn't mean that u develop a sort of hatred for her, but talk only that much that is required.

        You are at such an age that this bodily demand is at its peak, so actually the answer lies in realizing that this is a bodily demand,its not the demand of the soul.

        So the best you can do is to associate with devotees as much time as you can and chant more,that is the nly solution , I think,otherwise its difficult.

        This is the best weapon of maya through which we are bound in this material world,very renowned personalities in the past have fallen due to this,so we are no exception.

        But we have to take courage from pure devotees like Srila Haridas thakura who even at the provocation of a prostitute remained fixed in his bhakti, and even made that prostitute a devotee.

        And why he was able to do so,because he is naam acharya,the purest chanter of the holy names of the Lord who chanted for 22 hrs. a day.So don't feel depressed,keep chanting.i think you must be a student at this age, so please concentrate on your material studies also and primarily concentrate on Krsna consciousness,you will emerge as the winner by Krsna's grace.

        These doctors are also materialistic people,so only a spiritual doctor like your guru or Srila Prabupada can help.

        With Regards,

        Your servant


        • thank you shashank prabhu..........hare krishna

          • harekrishna prabhuji,


            Bhakthi is trust and u r so honest that is the most important being honest and clearing ur doubts and moving on...... associating with more and more pure devotees is most important. being dishonest is easy but honesty is the best policy in kc  



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