Regarding the "beauty" Illusion

hk, it is said that we can not judge people on basis of bodies cz we are spirit souls and we should not get attached/attracted to the bodies

but even after practising KC for few years ( i chant 2 rounds as of now regularly and 16 occasionally) i still have bodily attachments,

i still feel to marry a girl who is more pretty  and am tempted to talk more to them, does that mean i am completely impure and have not advanced at all?

and above all, i know these desires won't go in my case.

please give your views...

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    • Hk Mataji,

      Thankyou for your kind reply, i got completely satisfied by your answer,
      i will try to get more detached of bodily misconceptions by increasing my rounds and reading sp books consistently..

      hari bol
  • Jai Shri Krishna..

    You know what is wrong and what is right.. You have to train your senses, it does not happen automatically.. You got the knowledge now you must start practicing it. All the best!

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