Regarding the "beauty" Illusion

hk, it is said that we can not judge people on basis of bodies cz we are spirit souls and we should not get attached/attracted to the bodies

but even after practising KC for few years ( i chant 2 rounds as of now regularly and 16 occasionally) i still have bodily attachments,

i still feel to marry a girl who is more pretty  and am tempted to talk more to them, does that mean i am completely impure and have not advanced at all?

and above all, i know these desires won't go in my case.

please give your views...

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  • HariBol!
  • Hari Hari
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    Gaurav Singh prabhu, thank you for giving me the credit, which I dont deserve, for removing the dust...

    There is only one way for clensing the dust and that is explained in the 1st instruction of Mahprabhu

    Ceto Darpana Marjanam
    ..... Sri Krishna Sankirtanam

    Performing nagar Sankirtana Holy Names of Hari, is the ONLY way to cleanse the mirror of our heart from dust.

    All glories to Sri Guru and Gouranga. Haribol
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    Srila Prabhupada on bodily attraction:

    Svarupa Damodara: Srila Prabhupada, the material world is a reflection of the spiritual world. So we have different variegatedness in the material world, different living entities, plants, animals.

    Prabhupada: Without the inconvenience. Mean, in the material world there are so many inconveniences. So spiritual world, there is no inconvenience. Inebriety. It is a reflection of the spiritual world, but there are so many difficulties here. Therefore it is called material world.

    Svarupa Damodara: No, my question being, so they have all the variegatedness in the spiritual world?

    Prabhupada: Yes there are trees, there are water, birds, beasts, but they are all spiritual. Just like here everything is material. Here water is working according to the material laws. In the spiritual world if I say, "Please come here," he will come here. That is spiritual world.

    Svarupa Damodara: So the difference is that the spiritual...

    Prabhupada: Everything spiritual... As here everything is material, there everything is spiritual. Now try to understand what is matter, what is spirit. Spirit, as I was explaining yesterday, the spirit is the conductor, operator, of the aeroplane. So matter is working under the guidance of spirit. So there everything being spirit, there is no necessity of another spiritual guidance.

    Svarupa Damodara: So we have in this material world we have the evolution.

    Prabhupada: No, there is no evolution because there is no birth.

    Svarupa Damodara: No, in the material world.

    Prabhupada: Material world, there is evolution because there is birth. But in the spiritual world there is no birth. Birth, death, old age, disease, these things are not there. There is no question of evolution. Evolution means to transmigrate from one body to another. But there is no such thing. Everyone is eternal. There is no death, there is no transmigration. This is botheration. Therefore spiritual world means all the varieties of the material world, less botheration, minus botheration.

    Svarupa Damodara: But in the Vaikuntha planets...

    Prabhupada: Just like Krishna. Krishna had so many girlfriends. There are so many nice descriptions of embracing, kissing, but there is no pregnancy or abortion. There is no description of such things. And that is spiritual world. The attraction for young boy, young girl is there also. They are also enjoying their company. Everything is there. But there is no such thing as pregnancy and abortion. Here people do not want that, pregnancy and abortion. But they are forced to do it because there are so many inebrieties here. That thing is minus in the spiritual world. They are also attracted by the bodily features of the women. There is attraction, but they are more attracted by chanting Hare Krishna mantra. Therefore this bodily attraction of woman does not affect them. Just like if you have got better attraction, you don't care for the lower attraction. The attractions are there. The body of the woman is very beautiful. But men are not so much attracted with the body of the woman. They are more attracted to Hare Krishna mantra. These are described in the Bhagavata. Here also, practically we see, those who are attracted by the Hare Krishna mantra, they are not very much attracted with the bodily features of the women. Is it not?

    Brahmananda: Yes.

    Prabhupada: Yes. So attraction is there, but better attraction. Life is there, better life. Everything better, superior. Superior energy.

    Brahmananda: You've, said that our society ISKCON is like a sample of the spiritual world.

    Prabhupada: Yes. Yes.

    Brahmananda: We develop our attraction for Hare Krishna; we lose our attraction for sex life.

    Prabhupada: Yes. Bhaktih pareshanubhavo viraktih... That is the sign of advancement of bhakti. If you don't be... I was explaining this. If you don't be detached to these material things, then you should know that you are not advancing in spiritual life. If you have got still attachment for these nonsense material things, that means you are not advanced. Just like if you are eating, and if you are not getting health, that means you are eating nonsense. Eating must result in good health. That is eating. Eating does not mean to fill up the belly with all rubbish things. Eating means that you become healthy, nice eating.
    • Hare Shravan Pr,

      Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada :)


      Thankyou for the powerful explanation and advice...

      i had read these teachings but they got covered by dust with time :).. thankyou for removing the dust


      hari bol!!


  • Volunteer
    What do you mean by "hk pr, ya"?

    Take the time to relish typing the Holy Names of the Lord.

    You should also watch how your japa. Are you doing with attention? Are you completely reciting the Holy Names of Krishna? or are you rushing to get done?

    Are you performing offensive chanting or purely.

    Please dont get me wrong, I am not asking to criticize you...
    These are the questions I would ask myself. It is better to chant 2 rounds with attention than 16 rounds like a parrot and without any attention and while commiting offenses.

    Everytime you say
    "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare"

    are you sincerely meaning, "O Radha, O Krishna, please engage me in your service"

    How often are you performing nagar Sankirtan?

    Can a devotee think, I am going to perform japa and go to Krishna Loka and let the others go to hell?
    By performing Sankirtana, we help others get back to Godhead.

    Nectar of Instruction is also a nice (small, easy to read) book that tells you 6 things you can do to advance in spiritual like and 6 things you want to avoid in order to progress nicely in Krishna Consciousness.
    • Hare Manoj Pr,

      Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada :)

      yes, sometimes Maya tries to overpower me, my college exams were going on so i could not go to temple, was lacking assosciation so i turned to this website for some association.. but now my exams are over so i will go to temple and am sure as soon as i will enter the temple, all these negative thoughts will go away.. :) and Maya will again be defeated..

  • Sounds like you are defeated already.. :(
  • hk pr, ya i know wat is ryt n wat is wrong but its too difficult to defeat maya :(
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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    Soul is beautiful, soul is full for bliss and is eternal. Because of that all of us looking for that eternal beauty which we can find only in Krishna.
    Yes, we can also see beautiful people but Krishna says that whatever sprinkles glamor in this world is a minute sparkle of Krishna.
    Unfortunately that bodily beauty does not last for long times. And because boys want only beauty, girls are doing so many nonsenses these days like operations, tonnes of cosmetics, drugs, diets... and in the end they become mad of these things just to be seen beautiful in the eyes of men.

    If one wants only sense gratification in family life than beauty is the first. But if one wants to have healthy and intelligent children he has to think of the character of a girl.
    If one wants see his house clean, to eat perfectly cooked Prasadam he also has to think of them. Not all beautiful girls can do that.
    If one wants to progress in spiritual life, wife should not agitate mind of a husband but on the contrary to help him to control his senses and practice his Krishna Consciousness attentively.
    It depends on Your goals Prabhu.
    of course, in marriage couples should be chosen with equal qualities. If a boy is handsome then girl also should be so, if boy is educated then girl also should be so, if he is good in spiritual life girl also should be in that good...
    In this way find someone who is equal to You, and it will be good. If You chant 2 rounds and handsome find that girl who also chant yet 2 and beautiful, no problem.
    In order to be fully detached we may spend many years, it is not easy thing.
    Your servant,
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