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Hare Krishna,

             Narakasura is son of Lord Varaha.He must have performed lot of devotional activities to achieve birth as lord's son.But Why was he killed by Lord Krishna.Is curse of sages more important to lord more than his own son.Some say that Narakasura got this fate because of association with Banasura.Banasura being great grandson of Maharaja Prahalada and son of maharaja Bali has no possibility of being a bad person being born in vaishnava family.Could anyone please help meto find answers to these questions?

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  • sri guru , gauranga jayatu


    prabhu v need to hear these pastimes from the devotees then v will understand its mystery.
    first thing is that its not just narakasura,but all of us are krsna's sons. so krsna doesnt discriminate.
    next u understand that everything krsna does is for a purpose. this is one such thing.
    when krsna wants to teach us something ,he uses His devotees( becoz they are only befitting) for showing an example to the world.

    in this and other pastimes also it is so. ill desribe them below.

    example- dvivida gorilla was the minister of sugriva who helped lord rama to get sita. but in dvapara yuga ,the same dvivida due to bad association, opposed lord krsna and fought with balaram. (the lord wants us to learn that even though we are serving krsna, if v engage in bad association ;then v will also stand against krsna)

    similarly at the end of krsna's dvaraka pastimes we see that His whole dynasty -familymen fought and killed each other in an intoxicated state. this was due to being cursed by the sages. but krsna didnt stop them from destroying each other(although He was capable) .He wanted us to learn that even if one is of highest birth (in krsna's family) if he offends the sages, he shall be punished.

    by His will, parikshit maharaj placed a dead snake around a sage being thirsty and angry. why? because by doing so parikshit will be cursed and bhagavatam will be spoken.

    chitraketu maharaj (who was a v great devotee of lord) also once saw lord shiva instructing the sages while his wife was sitting on his lap. chitraketu ridiculed shiva in a friendly way ( shiva and chitraketu have a friendly relationsp with each other. both worship lord sankarshan. it is common among friends to joke like this). but uma devi got offended and cursed him to become a demon (vrtrasura). chitraketu had power to counteract and countercurse her , but he accepted the curse. he wanted to show the world the consequence of offending vaishnavas.

    in this way there are many examples in bhagavatam.

    in order to understand the deep meanings hidden in these scriptures, we must approch qualified devotees and submissivly hear from them.

    this narakasura pastime also says that even if one is a son of krsna, if he mistreats His devotees, he shall be punished.

    even more closer example -- once when srila rupa goswami was meditating on the pastimes of radha-krsna, a sage whose body was disfigured and ugly approched him. but at that time rupa goswami was so much absorbed in the pastime that he dint notice this sage. then ''in the pastime krsna was upon a tree and radha was plucking flowers from it holding the branch and krsna immediately jumped down . the branch raised up along with radha holding it & she was hanging.''seeing this rupa goswami smiled. but the sage thought ,he was smiling at his ugly form and left the place offended. due to this rupa goswami's meditation broke. all this teaches us how to be carefull about vaishnav aparadha.

    there are examples of indra and brahma also .

    so although these devotees are faultless and pure. nevertheless they seem to make mistakes ( by lord's will) simply to give us lessons from their own examples.
    so in this way we should learn from their examples.

    hare krsna
    • Hare Krishna,

                        Kalki purana mentions that dvivida asked for a boon to lakshmana that he should face death in the hands of lakshmana.Hence he died in hands of balarama.Is there any such history in death of narakasura?

  • When Lord incarnates in the form of animals to accomplish specific missions, He usually do not make a family. Accept that as the ultimate truth.


    Everybody in this universe following his nature which is established in the moment of birth based on previous karma. Based on that, Narakasura, son of mother Earth, just followed his material nature.


    Because of Sri Prahlada, pure devotee of Lord, 10 generations from him in the future and 10 in the past have been liberated. Considering all that, the position of Banasura, great-grand son of Sri Prahlada, is glorified in the association of qualified spiritual teachers. 



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