Regarding COVID 19

Hare Krishna Prabhuji/Mataji 

Please accept my humble obeisances 

  • What should be done if a devotee gets affected by COVID 19?

  • If the health condition is unstable /serious and if one gets hospitalised,how does one get accustomed to  the diet/food provided,routine,treatment etc

Please guide on how one should be prepared to cope with the physical and psychological distress ,especially if one is a devotee.🙏🏻

Thank you 

Your servant 



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  • Hare Krishna Mataji,


    One good idea is to keep the bead-bag with you always (maybe in the neck). Usually in such unstable situations, either the person is hospitalised or he/she stays at home in bed. Also, in such cases we do not visit office and/or go outside. So it is always a good idea to keep the bead bag with us and continue chanting whenever we get time or if condition is good enough, during the prescribed hours. Chanting is FIRST. We can also keep our mobile phones filled with lectures and kirtans, but if there are devotees around us to give us company, that's a treasure.

    There is also a book I remember purchasing long time back - The Final Journey by Susan Pattinson Mataji. Honestly I haven't read even half of the book to give you any proper insight, but I know many devotees do refer it. I am talking about this one here -

    Devotees will always have issues and health problems. There is no external exception. So if a devotee gets COVID-19 or any virus, they should not fear but must face it and be prepared for worst conditions. That is also another reason to take the process of Bhakti more seriously. This is not only for COVID-19, but for anything that might come tomorrow.

    Of course proper medication and other things to take care of this body must never be neglected during these times.

    BG 12.15 - "He for whom no one is put into difficulty and who is not dirturbed by anxiety, who is steady in happiness and distress, is very dear to Me."

    In purport - "..At the same time, if others try to put a devotee into anxiety, he is not disturbed. It is by the grace of the Lord that he is so practiced that he is not disturbed by any outward disturbance. Actually because a devotee is always engrossed in Krsna consciousness and engaged in devotional service, all such material circumstances cannot woo him..." 

    Read Bhagavad Gita As It Is and Chant Hare Krishna.


    The Final Journey
    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,🙏🏻
      Please accept my humble obeisances 

      Thank you so much for the guidance 

      Your servant 

  • Follow medical advice, that is the number one priority. Doctors save lives in this type of thing, and after a certain amount of time the temporary affliction of the disease should pass. Always think of Krishna and do your best to chant if you can (if it becomes neccessary, you can chant silently or with a low voice, minimizing the amount of airborne contact). Try to keep with the regulative principles but understand that your health is the number one priority, and that Krishna Loves you unconditionally.

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji

      Thank you very much for the guidance 🙏

      Your servant

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