regarding belive on god

hare krishna prabhu ji,i have very much doubt about god.i am sometimes worship but since my heart does not allow to worship like chanting ,reading gita,bhagawatam.when i am watching serial,and about other religion .then due to these book have not scientific prove.i am very upset.argument of these book is looking like similar in real life.i have lot of doubt .some iskcon prabhu ji are not giving appropriate answer so please help me.

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  • Those who are puffed up with material education, wealth, aristocracy and fruitive activity are very proud of possessing material things, and they often deride the true devotees. Even if such people offer the Lord worship, the Lord never accepts them.

    Devotees who do not have material possessions, but are happy only with possessing devotional service, consider to be  dear to Lord.

    By showing mercy to all living entities and restricting the senses from sense enjoyment, one can very quickly satisfy the Lord. And when Lord is satisfied, what can not be achieved.

  • Hare Krishna prabhuji
    Would you like to receive bhagvat gita class .
    I can send audio on hike or whatsapp .
    Its very interesting and explained very scientifically .
    This is the audio through which i started my bhakti . It will help you too
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    Your servant
    Radhe Radhe
  • Hare Haray Hariyah Krishna
    YadavyahModdaviah Kashivah Nahmah
  • hare krishna Radha Rasamayi and manikanta,
    i would like to thank all the krishna devotee.
    now i am going to assume that krishna is supreme .
    now i will chant at least 4 round in a day.
    but eating onion, garlics is not possible to leave because in my organization no any separate food is allow for particular person.
    because i think no other way
    and i will read bhagawatam when any doubt will come i will ask you.
    i would ask you one question is that from mahabarat
    how it is possible to born through fire(dropati or panchali) and all 5 pandu's sons and karn.without mother and father.
    • E-Counselor

      Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


      I can only say that you try to avoid onion garlic in food to the extent possible. If you are eating out, maybe you can ask what is tehre in the menu of this specification - no onion garlic and choose that and have. Once you demonstrate your sincerity to please the lord, you will get reciprocation and will be able to follow with ease.

      I asked you to read Bhagavad Gita As It Is prabhuji. This is a dialogue betwen Lord Krishna & Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Srimad Bhagawatam, on the other hand, is the summary of the scriptures. In that, the 10 main avatars are mentioned alongwith a lot of stories about God. These are different scriptures - one is spoken by the lord, one is spoken of the lord. Gita is recommended to be read before one graduates to Bhagawatam.

      Draupadi was not born from fire prabhuji. She was gifted to Drupad, when he was doing a fire sacrifice to get a son who kills Dronacharya. The way Dristadyumna came from fire, so did Draupadi. This means that they are from heaven. Why do we offer sacrifices in fire when we have to please the demigods? This is because it is mentioned in the scriptures that demigods accept offerings made in this loka through fire. In other words, fire is the mouth of the demigods. The way we can reach the demigods by putting offerings in the fire, they can reach us by giving gifts from fire at the time of sacrifice. This does not happen in Kaliyuga because this link is broken in this age. 

      The 6 sons born of Kunti & Madri put together had mother - no doubt about it. The father was - in each case, Sun, Dharma, Indra, Vayu, Ashwini Kumars. Therefore, mother and father both are there. 

      I hope I have answered your questions to your satisfaction. Pls ask if you have further doubts. Sorry for the late response. I was a little busy last week.


      Your servant,

      Radha Rasamayi DD

    • onion garlic veg nonveg have no value in todays time. I have seen several nonveg eating people who are godly by nature and demonic selfish veg eaters. similarly those who don't eat onion garlic are actually most lusty debauchees. Its only to skip the hellish punishments people are recommended not to eat nonveg otherwise this all a sham. I wonder if there really are punishments for this!!

  • sri guru gauranga jayatu

    Hare krsna prabhu! I feel sorry for ur present unfavorable situations. I will pray to mahaprabhu and nittai that they will help u as they deem right. Anyway please dont be discouraged by ur present problems . Time changes everything. No problem is permanent. every single being in this world from brahma to ant has to suffer because this is such a prison-like world. Someone has a wound on the chest ,some on the back while some on the head etc..but everyone has pains and troubles.

    What to speak of athiests, even devotees have problems - prahalad was tortoured many ways by his father,the pandavas by his brothers, even devotees like haridas thakur,srivas,even lord nittai was attacked by 2men.
    even in modern times we see how many pure devotees like prabhupad faced troubles during his service to krsna, even his guru was attacked by many envious men to kill him, there are so many problems in this world.

    But krsna never cheated them, he never neglected to help them. Infact the lord is more eager to help us than we are. He is such a loving friend that even we cant be our own welwishers as he is. But we are not realising his love now - just like a baby cant understand the nature and acts of his mother.but when the baby grows up then he will agree all that my mother did( scolds,rebukes,chastising,punishing, etc..)was for my good. But in his immature stage he would complain why my mom did like this or that! He would get angry at her so on. This is similar to ur situation.
    the Truth is that u have not established a loving relationsp with krsna. Ur connection with him is superficial as it is not based upon sambanda jnana but supersitious faith( faith of the common men who visit temples and gods, whoever will solve their problems and bless their desires fulfilled. They dont have any relation with their object of worship.
    ** If that particular god will fulfill their request then they will put dakshina in the hundi or break coconuts or do some puja etc.. After that their job there is over ,they have nothing to do with that god anymore untill next time .
    **if that god doesnt fulfill their desire then also they have nothing to do with that god. They will search for another god or "servant/ order supplier" who will fulfill their wants...)

    This is called a selfish approch not a loving approach.

    So if anyone approaches god ,the supreme lovable object with this kind of self centered attitude then will he be pleased? How will he be happy when he sees that this person has come to me to make me his servant (like alladin and the magic lamp genie), do his will! ? Thus whatever devotion to god we do with this attitude will be utterly useless . Only when u serve god out of love for him without any terms and conditions, then that will actually please him. That kind of relationsp is required.

    Then what to speak of helping us , krsna will freely sell himself to that devotee. That is the sweetness and charm of love. God doesnt need our donations, agarbatti, arati, Food,etc... He only gets attracted to pure love. And that is what religion is all about - to teach its follower how to love god. This lesson has been taught by many wise men in different time place circumstaces to a certain extent. Starting from moses, jesus, mohammed, sankaracarya,ramanuja,madhva ..... And finally chaitanya mahaprabhu gave this religion to the topmost degree, last limit. This is how the religion has evolved like from a crescent moon to full moon.

    Now there are 4 platforms in religious pursuits :-
    1) people worship god out of "FEAR" - that they may go to hell ,or they may get into problem if i dont follow, etc..

    2) pple worship god out of "DESIRE" for getting things from god that are difficult to get themselves.

    3)pple worship out of "DUTY" - oh this is my culture , this is my custom or duty so i must follow because it is good.

    4) pple worship god out of "LOVE" - considering god to be their dear one.

    Check which point are u in and raise urself to the 4 th level. Then u will see how sweet it is. U will then realise urself how krsna is reciprocating with u in an intimate way.and looking after u always. U will see how he is always with u as ur best friend.
  • hare krishna Radha Rasamayi (Rashmi Khaitan) parbhu ji.
    i would like to thank for all prabhu ji who is replying my post.
    actually i am so confuse.
    sometimes i want serve lord .and sometimes i question myself about past experience.
    so prabhu ji give me direction .what i need to do for believe in god.
    i know that theory and concept of science is regularly changing in some time period.
    but since i am also science student i can realize the real truth of science and whatever written in script.
    but i have lots of doubt on script also.
    i know that i have little knowledge because i am unable to memorize script.
    but doubt on script is restrict me to fallow script.
    i want no any doubt should be in script.
    only one doubt on script is adiquate to unfollow.
    because script has god voice (directly or indirectly).
    no any doubt should be.
    but script is also so much confusing.
    so please give me advise and direction where i can find my answer and start keeping faith on god.
    prabhu ji don't think that i feel harsh .
    whatever right or true please say without hesitate.
    i am also hearting you.
    because i am questioning about your believe and script.
    may be my way is rude.moreover my english skill is not to good.may be problem in understanding my sentence.but i think you can guess exact meaning of my sentence.
    • E-Counselor

      Hare Krsna Choubey ji,


      I will try to explain in scientific way since you are more comfortable with science.

      Suppose you are solving a geometry theoram - dont you start with a list of assumptions, then go about proving the theory and eventually the assumptions come out true.

      Same way - start by assuming Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So to establish a relationship with Krsna, one has to chant to awaken the dormant love for Him. So start chanting 4 rounds a day. This should take approx half an hour of your day. There are no rules to chanting - before or after taking bath, anytime of the day or night, any place, sitting, standing, walking.... no rules. Only rule is - you have to complete your rounds every single day before you go to sleep. The day you dont eat AND the day you dont sleep is the day you dont chant.

      Alongwith chanting, you have to associate with devotees - I dont know if ISKCON has any program in your college - there is a lot of college preaching going on - pls find out, if there is any preaching happening in your college or outside the campus, within reach, pls join. You will learn a lot more when you see fellow students also following the path.

      Thirdly, pls continue eating only veg food, without onion garlic, after it is offered to the lord.

      Fourthly, pls read books - you could start with Chant Hare Krsna And Be Happy. Then go to Perfect Questions & Perfect Answers. When you are reading, you can ask any questions that come to your mind in this forum. It is a very active forum and you will get a lot of responses.

      To continue answering your questions where I left last week - regarding Durga being supreme or Shiva being supreme - I understand it is very confusing to someone who is trying to find the right path. What I have understood is that - God has a form, He is not formless as the impersonalists think. How could we relate to someone who has no form, no qualities and is simply a vaccumm? Then how do we believe that He is listening to our prayers and is overseeing us? He has no form, right? Then howcome He has ears to hear and will to respond?

      Durga has been clearly defined as the jailor of the material world called durg (fort). She is mahamaya, she is responsible for keeping us in illusion. That story you read about Brahma, Vishnu Mahesh being her kids - without seed giving father, how can she be mother? Who is the seed giving father? Shiva is mentioned as supreme in Shiva puran - has Shiva ever mentioned anywhere that he is supreme. Shiva has been mentioned as the param vaishnava in the Bhagawatam. Vaishnavanam param Shambhu....

      On the contrary, Krsna has mentioned Himself in the Gita - I am supreme, there is no truth beyond Me. Then He proceeds to show His Vishwarupa to Arjuna. Is there mention of anyone else repeating this feat in any of the other scriptures you read or heard? That is why we believe Krsna is supreme. It is mentioned by Brahma in Brahma Samhita, so many established sages and seers of even our times call Krsna supreme. 

      I hope I have been able to convince you a little. I hope you will follow the process I have mentioned in this post.


      Your servant,

      Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Dear Sir,


      from your comments I guess you were expecting a miracle from the lord to save your father. it does happen provided you remain faithful to the god. Don't feel bad prabhu but I feel you made a blunder chanting Mahamrityunjay mantra. MMJ mantra is the mantra of Lord Shiva. So when you chant MMJ you become disloyal to Krishna. Take examples of Prahlad maharaj he always stuck to Krishna till the last moment and was saved from death several times. Take e.x. of child Markandeya he stuck to Lord Shiva till the last moment and finally Yamraj had to go away by the orders of Shiva. Hanuman told Krishna that he wanted to see only his Lord Ram form. So one should always stick to one god or form or else its disrespect and disloyal to his worshipping diety. don't feel bad but I just said whatever I heard from pravachans and the e.x. I have given

      2) ekadashi doesn't have a benediction that no human will die on that particular day.

      3) thousands of people take false oath on gita every day in courts and give false evidence. this is kaliyuga dude. this will keep happening till the end. be careful next time.

      4) yes all scriptures are manipulated beyond limit but Bhagvad Gita is direct msg of Krishna . you can surely rely on that. read "opulence of absolute" chapter, read what arjun observes and it will rid away all your doubts. hope this helps and sorry if you felt bad reading my comments.



      Suhas Patil


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