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    Dondobot Pronam.
    Tongue is a very important organ of our mouth.We undergo 2 actions with the help of tongue :1)talk, 2)taste.
    To win this important organ,we should be conscious so that 1)we should not talk anything which is not related with krsna, 2)we should not taste anything which is not krsna-prosad.Then only our tongue as well as mouth would be properly used and those organs would be purified.
    Common people generally violate those 2 principles in every moment.they never talk krsna-tatwa and never take krsna-prosad. so their mouths become so impure that after death fire is put on their face to make it pure.And , naturally,after putting fire on their face the whole body is burnt.
    But in case of Vaisnaba Acharyas, they follow the 2 principls so strickly that it need not necessary at all to put fire on their face to make it pure.

    So Acharyas are buried.
  • the bodies of great vaishnava acharyas are already pure. so their bodies are not burned.this is what i have heard .bodies for humans are burnt because it starts decaying so it is burnt but for acharyas its not true.

    refer book gaudiya vaishnava samadhis in vrindavan

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  • ahh, is it vedic custom?, i did not know...
  • Hare krishna prabhu,
    all previous acharyas were sannyasis and it is vedic custom to bury sannyasis.
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