Dear all , 

              On one hand we have explcit refernces like suvarna varno sloka and sanyaas krit sloka in vihsnu sahasranama which are authentic . And verses in srimad bhagvatam also indicate it. 

Vayu puran : sesh khanda 14th chapter verse 28 says about chaitanya prabhu and mother sachi devi and sankiratna and all ( source : vol 2 anandaashram sanskrit seires )

Brhannaaradiya purana : says about concealing of lord's identity  as a devotee ( panchamkhanda - plz refer to gaudiya scripture blog . everuthing is clearly given there)

Srimad bhagvatam also says something about lord chaitanya

Narad panchatantra : 4 th raatra chapter 8 verse 116-117 says about names of Sri nitai , sri chaitanya and sri advaita .

Urdhamnay samhita ( i have never heard of this . Is this a part of 64 tantras ?) : this also mentions about mahprabhu. 

Agni puran : Chapter 49 verse 8 says about the lord being golden colored and about his  beautiful form

 MY doubt here is that where are the reference numbers of garud puran verses and narasimha puran , narad puran , adi puran and all other puranic verses numbers ? where can i get the particular sloka ? And Which verse number in sama veda says about lord vishnu descending after 4000 / 5000 years after kali yuga began ? Are these verses lost ? The absence of some refernces is hampering my devotinol service :(

And can somebody plz enlighten me about the authenticity of the chaitanya upanishad ? Did srila bhaktivinoda thakur write something in his biography after he found it ?  

Should i be content with the available authentic verses and ignore others ? 

Please guide me 







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