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              On one hand we have explcit refernces like suvarna varno sloka and sanyaas krit sloka in vihsnu sahasranama which are authentic . And verses in srimad bhagvatam also indicate it. 

Vayu puran : sesh khanda 14th chapter verse 28 says about chaitanya prabhu and mother sachi devi and sankiratna and all ( source : vol 2 anandaashram sanskrit seires )

Brhannaaradiya purana : says about concealing of lord's identity  as a devotee ( panchamkhanda - plz refer to gaudiya scripture blog . everuthing is clearly given there)

Srimad bhagvatam also says something about lord chaitanya

Narad panchatantra : 4 th raatra chapter 8 verse 116-117 says about names of Sri nitai , sri chaitanya and sri advaita .

Urdhamnay samhita ( i have never heard of this . Is this a part of 64 tantras ?) : this also mentions about mahprabhu. 

Agni puran : Chapter 49 verse 8 says about the lord being golden colored and about his  beautiful form

 MY doubt here is that where are the reference numbers of garud puran verses and narasimha puran , narad puran , adi puran and all other puranic verses numbers ? where can i get the particular sloka ? And Which verse number in sama veda says about lord vishnu descending after 4000 / 5000 years after kali yuga began ? Are these verses lost ? The absence of some refernces is hampering my devotinol service :(

And can somebody plz enlighten me about the authenticity of the chaitanya upanishad ? Did srila bhaktivinoda thakur write something in his biography after he found it ?  

Should i be content with the available authentic verses and ignore others ? 

Please guide me 







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  • Hare Krsna

    Yes, most of the verses of the Garuda, Narashinga,Vamana ,adi puranas or  Ananta samhita, tantras we don't found it in the present recordings and writings but those verses are eternally existing which were given by our Acharyas and still those verses  are authentic which were given by Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur 

    Srila sac cid ananda Bhaktivinod Thakur is Kamala Manjari in the Nitya lila of Sri Sri Rādhakrsna ,he is a Nitya siddha acarya ,whatever he has said is sabadha brahma(   absolute truth) he can quote those verses of the sastras which are not present to us now , like Sripad Madhvacarya who was an combine incarnation of Beema,vayu, Hanuman he  use to quoted such  Verses ,sastras  which no one has ever heard before,because such Nitya siddha Acarya can give those parts of veda sastras which are either lost or confidential parts or still not revealed to us now

    like it is stated in Kurma Purana (52.19-20) that

    ‘Previously the Rg Veda was divided into 21 sections, the Yajur Veda into 100 sections, the Sama Veda into 1,000 sections and the Atharva Veda into 9 divisions'

    Each division has 4 minor divisions, namely the Samhitas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanisads. Thus altogether the 4 Vedas contain 1,130 Samhitas, 1,130 Brahmanas, 1,130 Aranyakas, and 1,130 Upanisads. This makes a total of 4,520 divisions

    At present, most of these texts have disappeared due to the influence of time. We can only find 11 Samhitas, 18 Brahmanas, 7 Aranyakas and 220 Upanisads which constitutes a mere 6% of the entire Vedic scriptures.

    However we,follow Guru,sadhu and sastra and the words of Guru and sadhu is much more superior than the words of the sastras, because everything has been revealed to them.


    your most inferior servant


    Hare Krsna



    Hare Krishna,

    I got this vid. for you .. 

    check this out. 



    this link also contains all the references in various puranas, vedas and upanishads.

    Chaitanya Upanishad is a part of Atharva Veda.

    no one has the authority to prove or disprove God or vedas.. We are mere tiny beings.

    doubtful mind cannot go anywhere.


    Hare Krishna. 

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