Receiving spam emails from IDT

I receive lots of spam emails from like latest one i received had subject "Only 1 Day Left - Offer your Bhoga directly to Sri Giriraj Ji at Sri Govardhan Dham". In my account settings i've already unsubscribed a long time ago from receiving emails for "A message from ISKCON Desire Tree | IDT". But i still kept receiving them so i contacted IDT admin, told them this issue but got no reply from the admin and the issue still continued. I think others too would be receiving spam from IDT which isn't good for its reputation.

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  • I found a workaround. Unsubscribed receving emails for "A message sent to multiple recipients", and since then i haven't received any spam from IDT.

    • Hare Krishna!

      that's great! but it's not actually spam! these are just sevas offered by IDT for devotees who don't live in vrindavan. i think it's really nice

      Hare Krishna

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