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Reading Bhagvad Gita As It Is on Kindle

I have a Kindle WiFi 6" and am trying to readBhagvad Gita As It Is on it. 

However, there is some issue with displaying the Sanskrit text.

As example, in the pdf when viewed on my desktop, the text is displayed as Bhisma,but on the Kindle, it gets displayed as Bhéñma

Anyone has any idea how I can fix this ?

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  • I also have the same Kindle E-INK 6". But in that, BG pdf is coming properly. 

    whatever font is there in hard copy, same is displayed in the kindle.

    but if you want to put note in it, then it shows the font as you mentioned.

  • No, you can not fix this issue as in the kindle BG the issue arised in it's copying stage. Hence, the diacritical marks got scattered. It's better to read the pdf copy.

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