'Rasa' within oneself

Hare Krisna. All glories to SHRI KRISNA CHAINYA DEB. My humble obeisance to all probhjiss and matajis.As i'm the most fallen soul, i'm not elligible to discuss about this title. plz forgive my mistakes.

If we take some inner vishion,then we can find 16 'kalas',8 'gopis' and 8 'monjoris' within ourselves. Now, 16 'kalas' include

1) 5 organs of perceptions :


2) 5 organ of actions :  

(hand,foot,voice,genital organ,anus)

3) 5 no of 'prans' :

(pran,apan, soman,byan,udan)

4) mind.

also all sakhis and monjoris stand for some of our organs like bellow:

  Rupo monjori - eye - lolita

  Roti monjori - ear - bishakha

  Roso monjori - mouth - suchitra

  Lobongo monjori - nose - chomok lota

  Anjumali monjori -  voice - sudebi

  Kosturi monjuri - chest - ranadebi

  Guno monjori - anus - tunga bhodra

  Bilas monjori - hand - indulekha

  And lastly,

  Ananga monjori - mind - radha.


 when we would be able to chant mohamontro with purified heart and proper knowledge,then the kalas, sokhis and monjoris will lerish.Then we would be able to be shifted towards Lord krisna.

And as 'rasa' means 'shifted towards Lord krisna' so we can say that, then 'rasa' occurs within ourselves.

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  • Volunteer

    This doesnt sound like authorized scriptures. Pure speculation.

    What are you going to say next? As RadhaKrishnan said, that Krishna is in our imagination?

    and Kurukshetra, our mind?

    Please listen to Authorized Acharya like Srila Prabhupada. You can find His audio online.

    Such speculation can lead one to hell and must be completely avoided.

    (Is this mayavadi phylosophy?)

    Please accept my humble obeisances and correct me if I am wrong.

    • Hare Krisna. all glories to shrila Prabhupada.Take my humble obesciance.

      I have no eligibility to discuss anything about rasa. But still i have tried to written something because i had learnt it from a krisna-conscious devotee. he taught me that rasa-tatwa with the help of the famous scripture named 'HARI BHAKTI BILAS' written by one of the most purified devotee shri jib goswami.

      please go through the said book and please advice me again.

      hare krisna.

      • Volunteer

        I am still trying to understand and practice 1st Instruction of Mahaprabhu.

        It will be a better idea to quote directly from Acharya Srila Rupa Goswami

        Sometimes when we write in our own words, it can change the meaning or may sound incorrect.

        Pl. forgive me if I offended you.

        • The original scripture is in bengali. It starts like:

                                      'ja nei bhu-bhande

                                       ta ache ei dehokhonde.....'

          do you know bengali? then i'll try to quote srila rupa goswami in no time.

          I am a most ignorant one. please advice me so that i can have a little bit of consciousness.

          your aspiring servent.

          • Volunteer

            I sincerely think that we must first perform Sankirtana (#1 Inst) everyday, as a result of which, we will become humble (#3 Inst) and get more taste for the Holy Names (#2 Inst).

            We are discussing five-eighth instruction of Mahaprabhu, which I am not qualified to even think of.

            Please forgive me, I would like to withdraw from this discussion.

This reply was deleted.