Radha-Krishna Deity Service

Hare Krishna to all Prabhujis & matajis!!! pamho!!! agtsp!!!

I got to know that a neophyte should not worship Radha Krishna deity but only Gaura Nitai deity & Radha Krishna Deity can only be worshipped by Bhagvat vidhi by very pure devotees who can follow that vidhi & serve Radha Krishna with such opulence.

The problem is that in my house i already had Radha Krishna Deity even before i turned KC just 4 months ago. Although since then i serve my deities in my best ability regularly & offer them bhog but i am not capable of following so many rules & regulations of Bhagvat-vidhi as i don't even know all of them & also due to circumstances. But i serve my deities with great attachment & it gives me great happiness.

What do i do? Please guide me.


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    Not a single blade of grass moves without the will of Lord. No one can purchase the deities. Deities manifest by their sweet will. Lord has different plan to purify every soul. Devotion transcends all the material designations of verna/aashrama/man/woman etc... So, do not worry about all such things and just try to serve their lordships in your best capacity possible.

    hari bol!!!

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    Hare Krishna dear Annupriya Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Since Sri Sri Radha Krishna came to Your home Themselves then You won't let Them to be hungry, yes?! If They came then You should take care of Them by offering to Them nice dresses, food, flowers, incenses, You can read for Them Bhagavatam and also hear Your self, You can sign Kirtan for Them.

    Take care of Them as much as it is in Your capacity. If You chant Your rounds nicely then someday Lord Sri Sri Goura Nitay also will come and help You.

    In ISKCON only Brahmanas can worship Sri Sri Radha Krishna Deities.  

    Hope other Devotees also will advice You something!


    • Volunteer

      Your servant, :-)

      • Thanx for your humble reply Mataji. Dandavat.

        I keep praying to Radharani that may she give me more & more bhakti to serve them with ever increasing love, faith & devotion.


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