• Hare Krishna,

    If you have studied Science perfectly you wouldn't be asking this question.. But anyhow.. still for the sake of understanding. Let us discuss. your body which is created by ( not you) neither you soul which is not created by you.. are all having some electric and mangetic waves.. It is energy that is being passing thru your system.

    Let me go into more detail.

    The food that you eat provides you energy how? becoz it is convered into ur glucose finally in the body which is the energy source. But the food you eat is having many chemicals... like sodium cloride ( common salt) and the Pottassium , magnesium. calcium.. and many other chemicals.. all are charged particles.. Ions I must say in terms of chemisty.

    The movement of electrons is the cause of electricity or electric impluse right as per electricity which you have studied in physics.

    The similar mechanism is going on within each cell of human body or I must say any living cell.

    Na+ is positive charged ion., K+ is pottassium ion there is exchange of these ions at the site of two nerve synapses or juntion where nerve innervates the muscles this is the cause of exchange of ions and action potential generation. 

    movement of Sodium ions inside to a cell and moving out of K+ or pottasium ions out of the cell.. there is charge created.. 
    Is it not fascinating that.. whole body itself is having electric waves passing .. which can be meassured by an ECG or EEG or so many other modern machines which we have developed.. to study these facts.

    electric waves and magenetic waves go hand in hand. Electromaganetic waves they are.. Whole body has so many cells and each cell in ur body or any cell of any living creature working on this flow of electromangetic waves only.

    Sound is a form of energy.. vedas are srtuhi no doubt.. sound requires medium like air for it to travel. Yes.. this sounds produced by all living things..the birds chirping, animals howling ,,,, dogs barking.. you and me talking .. are all using energy. sound travels in waves so as electromangetic waves.

    for you to speak a word did you know.. The production of speech is a highly complex motor task that involves approximately 100 orofacial, laryngeal, pharyngeal, and respiratory muscles.

    how does a muscle move? its becoz of the nerve supply the muscle is having..How is muscle moving? the nerve which inervates is tranmitting the electomangetic impulse. 

    Tiny electrical currents exist in the human body due to the chemical reactions that occur as part of the normal bodily functions, even in the absence of external electric fields. ... They cause current to flow through the body to the ground. Low-frequency magneticfields induce circulating currents within the human body.

    Now tell me even your earth is called a Huge magnet. There is north pole and south pole. We have studied about electromangetic waves that as causing Mangetic fields the waves travels from North to south pole.

    There is center of gravity and there is mangetic fields, electric waves... sound waves all there inside ur body as well as outside.

    During a lightening...there is production of sound, electric and light waves and electromagnetic waves.

    Now you must tell which vedas are describing all these events .. Well, Creation of Earth, Human beings and animals and so many different creatures and the sky... the whole brahmanda is a  all based on SCIENCE.  We are only knowing  0.001% of the science. The astrology the movement of planets the sun and moon..

    Vedas speak about These ways? You tell me now If Vedas doesn't speak about these what else speaks? Vedas came out of mouth of Supreme Lord and were instructed to Brahma to help him in creation.

    Vedas 4 each one specializes in one branch of science.

    Vedas contain knowledge of all disciplines that man may ever get interested in, such as humanities and economics, political and social sciences, earth sciences and astronomy, chemistry and biology, physics and mathematics, technology and engineering sciences, etc and the spiritual sciences about the individual soul and the infinite soul called God.

    Only we are incapable to read, understand and apply to modern day phsycis, chemistry and biology we think those Vedas didn't contain all this latest information. But without those else would the sky, earth, water...( H20) or oxygen, breathing,atom.. electron.. anu,, parmanu..... cerebral fuctions and all these complex things were made itself.?

    did you know that brahmastra was atom bomb? that wehave discovered lately.. but it was known since anadi kaala ( time immemorial).

    Soul itself is energy. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed which we are learning now.. was told by Krishna in BG long long time back itself. 

    Nainam chindanti shastrani.. nainam dahati pavakah.. na chainam sosayati marutah!! ( BG 2.33)

    अहं वैश्वानरो भूत्वा प्राणिनां देहमाश्रित: |
    प्राणापानसमायुक्त: पचाम्यन्नं चतुर्विधम् || 14||

    BG 15.14 says about how energy is released from the food that we eat to make us move. how the food nourishes the body.  

    You may want to refer this -- for more information on what is said about electric and magnetic waves in Vedas ... I am not well versed in all the scriptures.. I believe In God and I know God gave us this body, mind and atmosphere .. He alone can know about this all.. How to create things how to destroy things.. I just surrender to Lord.  Becoz the amount of knowledge is beyond the limits of my pea sized head.

    Hope it helps.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Very nice explanation actually I doubt about the modern scientist which they are talking about the waves that's why I wanted to ask reference dont think I am against the vedas , I m trying to be a devotee so that's why I ask this technical knowledge correctly because I don't believe in science

  • No doubt the Vedas teach of vibration and "waves" as they are implied properties of energy forms. And where would the teaching of the Vedas be without sruti? The Vedas must be heard, from a master to a pupil, they must be heard. The increased vibration heightens the perception of the teacher and the voice, and that heightens the auditory and discrimation of the pupil. Some money get say they did not have technology, but The entirety of India screams ancient technology. Not going there. Even if they didn't have tech understanding, they could observe waves if they cast a stone in water. Also, it is the nature of many things light, magneticism, electricity, given during creation, to travel in waves. Hare Krisna 

    • Can u plss tell about the reference of vedas telling about electric and magnetic waves? 

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