queston on reincarnation

Hare Krishna. I have a question about reincarnation. I amstudying Krishna Consciousnss and have this to ask. A person wll build karma, and this determines what will be the next life. an individual who has an addiction, say to drus or pornography, what might be the possible outcome?

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  • THE SUBTLE BODY IS MADE UP OF THE MIND,INTELLIGENCE AND FALSE EGO,the living entity is attracted to trying to enjoy everything he or she surveys.He takes perverted pleasure through his senses according to the modes of material nature he is specifically situated in.....ACCORDING TO HIS DESIRES AND HIS PERSONAL KARMA,the isvaras,the demigods facilitate his next body according to his desires.Pornography ,the tendency is to take the body of a tree.....!Because naked persons ,get to stand for thousands of years attached to tghe same place,while birds and other creatures pass stool and urine upon them,simply suffering!While those whom are addicted to drugs become attached to the lower mode of ignorance,so generally they will spend time in an animal body like a pig.......because pigs have no discrimination whom they mate with,what they eat ot just how they survive......

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    Hare Krishna Charles Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    There are lots of different hell planets according to one's sinful actions. Why sinful?

    Because in this world for everything we have to pay. For example, on order to eat ice cream we have to earn that 2-3 $ in order to get nice one. In this way pornography and drugs also give so called pleasure to the dead senses and the price for them is some amount of suffering.

    For example, there is one hell where do go those who do illicit sex. They are given special bodies so that it won't die but feel pain. They will give to man fired woman body and yamadutas will force a man to embrace that body which is on fire and in this way for millions of years one is fired. 

     For drug lovers there is other place. Something like yamaditas will force to drink hot boiled oil...

    And those who come from hellish planets do not take directly human body but begins evaluation from low insects. Then takes body of a monkey, or lion, or a cow, then only takes body of a human but not intelligent. As like eunuch. 

       In this way we took this body after so many struggles and billions of years, suffering in different low species of life like hogs eating stool...because of that knowing this we have to not repeat our mistake again just out of weakness.

    In this age Kali Lord Gouranga gave to us great opportunity to chant the Holy Names and go back to Godhead and never come back again.

    If we just one life strive very hard to purify ourselves controlling our senses then we will be given eternal chance to be happy.


    This world is just reflection of Spiritual World. Whatever is here there also. But here it is in reflected form.

    Your servant in serving to Srila Prabhupada,  

  • harE krishnA ! my humble pranAms to krishnA and the bhakthAs

    Charles prabhujI, we call addictions as vAsanAs. And vAsanAs are the seeds of desire and in turn fulfilling the desire reinforces the vAsanAs. When a person is addicted to drugs that gives illusory sensual pleasure feeling and pornography that gives illusory sex pleasure feeling they become strong vAsanAs. They affect us at different levels:

    1> physical / gross plane - detrimental to one's own physical body and mental health in this lifetime and harm to people who are targeted by our influence of drugs and porn leading to social crimes

    2> subtle plane - negative karmAs to jivAtma that pushes into a lesser rebirth leading down the spiritual ladder. As a possible next life, one may get an insect or animal birth that enjoy sex life more than humans.

    3> causal plane - moving away from krishnA deep into the net of mAyA prolonging the separation from Him.

    In the Garuda purAna (a discourse between Lord Vishnu and His divine devotee-vehicle GarudA), more factual details are given on what is the outcome of a particular sin committed in this life.

    In loving service to krishnA and devotees,


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