Questions regarding Reincarnation asked by co-worker

Hare Krishna,


I usually refrain from sharing my religious beliefs and all with my co-workers. But, recently casually I mentioned to someone that I believe in reincarnation.

But, then the person laughed at me and he asked me the following questions, which I did not have satisfying answers to. I told him I am not sure about these and he seemed pretty satisfied with that response.

So, I am listing the questions below. I do believe in reincarnation and these questions are not intended for providing any answer to anyone by me, but this is just for my own curiosity.

1. What was the population of earth 100 years back ? What is it now ? How does this keep on increasing if souls are the same ?

2. if a soul takes many life forms, then if count of human beings increase on the planet, then the count of animals should decrease.(considering souls coming from animals to human form) But, how come number of human beings and number of animals both keeps on increasing. Do new souls get added ? 

3. Why so desperate need to get out this body and all ? Are you saying all the babies born in the world are sinners, since they have to suffer the human birth going forward ?

Kindly show me some guidance in these questions. 

 - Hare Krishna


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  • Evolution & incarnation are snonymous one & the same. Everyone must agree that we all are evolving from less to more capable & according to our personal progress our circumstances change.?
    So reincarnation is happening all the time. Krishna said less-successful yogis are reborn in better families I.e. more suited for spiritual progress. So Krishna endorses the idea of (re-in car.) I feel that when God confirms it. it's probably true.?. Ask them why when evolution is so profoundly obvious how is it suppose to gust stop?
    "Only 1/4 of souls, are ever (tasked) to suffer the material creation." SO trust in the wisdom of your God, & "I'm "the ability in man" Krishna said. Don't be distracted by nit-picking distractions are (Myah). Chanting is yoga /progressive evolution is miserable, as is transformation. Tell your co-worker to stop being lazy and start chanting.
    And God will reciprocate with His servants.
    • Hare Krishna


      Thank you so much Prabhu

      Your response remined me of one of the questions I have thought so many times, but forgot to ask !!! You mentioned less-successful yogis are reborn in better families. I sometimes think, does a better body and better financial condition means good karmas of the past ? If we all change our bodies like clothes, why do some get very nice bodies and some dont. Also, why some people are born rich and they dont have to (if they have the mercy) think about day to day managing their family, but why someone is born very poor and probably, he has to work too hard just to give some food to his family and might not get a chance for sadhana ? So, does this mean people who are rich and good-looking are so due to some good karma of the past ?

      It would be really helpful if you or anyone could answer these questions of mine.

       - Thanks,


  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Sandhya Mataji,


    My responses:

    1) Earth is only one of the planets in the material world. There are innumerable lokas where there is life form. Would it not be fool hardy to think that there is life only on earth and that there is no purpose of this life? (Thats what materialists think). Therefore, the number of human beings 100 years ago is not important. Yes, the population has increased in the past 100 years - like already explained - there is no fixed number of souls and they have to be fitted into the 84 lakh species. Imagine, the number of life forms itself is 84,00,000. Then how can one count the number of lives. Each specie will have more than one life na.

    2) Who says number of animals in increasing in the world ? You are forgetting the flora - the trees. I dont think anybody needs to be explained that there were a lot more trees and forests 100 years ago than today. Along with trees, forests had so many birds, aquatics, animals etc - so many of them have become extinct - as confirmed by modern science. From where this information is coming that humans as well as animals count has increased? This information per se is wrong.

    Now assuming it has increased in this world, then it would have decreased in some other world. It is said that when a soul departs permanently for the spiritual abode, MahaVishnu releases another soul from His belly to the material world. Souls are parts and  parcels of the Supersoul, the SUpreme Lord. WHen there is no beggining, no middle, no end to the Supreme Lord, how can there be a count of the souls?

    3) Desperate need to get out of the cycle of birth and death is that this is not the correct address for the soul. This world is full of miseries. And every soul is looking for eternal happiness which is available only in the spiritual world. Human form of life is the only life form where the soul has the power to question - WHO AM I? WHY AM I HERE? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MY LIFE? Once these questions are answered, the rest is a natural consequence.

    I hope I have been able to answer your questions. Pls ask if you have any further questions. My suggestion is that you take these answers back to your friend and discuss. I am sure he will throw more challenges. We will address them. I see him as a future devotee.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krishna



      Thank you so much Rashmi Mataji. I informed my colleague about these answers. But, he said I am freaking him out talking about different planets. He asked me if I was talking about "Parallel Universe" and that its a fiction and not-real. Again, due to my less understanding I told, yes - I think, we are talking about the same thing. So, he asked me the following:

      1. Where are these universes located ? Science is talking about so many planets and stars and all. How can it not detect another planet or universe with living beings till now or even no speculation of it.

      2. If these universes does not exit materially or physically how can we believe when someone says - they exist ? What's the prove ?

      I have assured him, I will try to find answers and inform him.

      Yes Rasmi Mataji, I hope he is a future devotee.

       - Thanks, 


      • E-Counselor

        Hare Krsna Sandhya ji,


        Thanks for following my suggestion.

        Regarding the answers to his queries:

        A) There is no "parallel universe". The existing universe is being explored by scientists and their study is relatively new - everyday they are coming up with new theories and updated versions. The study of planets are also mentioned in our scriptures - pls note - there are no updated version of say a Gita or a Bhagawatam or a Purana. Because these literatures are timeless and not updated as per whims and fancies of human beings, we take their authority - as has been done over centuries.

        1) All the universes are located in the sky itself - where our universe is located. Can science answer all questions about our earth also? Could science locate where a full aircraft disappeared for more than 2 years - even the answer to what happened to MH370 is at best - this could have been ...... why so much reliance on science? No higher authority than science?

        The reason science has not detected life in any other planet is because science is looking for presence of human beings or life forms as known to man in other planets. Our shastras say cleary that in the sun planet, the body is made of fire, as against earth - where they are made of earth (essentially).

        2) Who says these universes do not exist materially or physically - just because we cannot see them? Can you see air, emotions, pain - does that mean it doesnt exist? Do you know that an eagle can see much bigger range than us - meaning even in this earth, there are life forms whose senses are more powerful than the mighty human beings, then what to speak of other planets.

        The proof is the scriptures. Have you been to every place on earth? So suppose you have never been to America - to find out about USA, you have to first hear about that place, then maybe get a visa and go. So to go to another country in this world itself, one has to qualify to go. That same way, to find out about the other worlds or planets, one has to hear from authority and then qualify to go. Our authority is guru, sadhu and shastra.

        Now ask him a reverse Q - can you point out anything created by man which is of no use. Something that has no use, no purpose and it just exists? Not there na - then do you think that God created this whole world, the entire milky way, so many planets, and just earth planet has life in it? Why did He make us so lonely - in the context of the universe, earth is pretty small and insignificant right? Then why life form only on earth? Does it make sense?

        And what is the purpose of this life - eating, sleeping, mating and defending? We simply exist - no purpose. Eat, make merry, kill each other, defend until one day you perish - is this why we were created? You think God lacks intelligence?

        If he says there is no God, ask can there be anything without a creator? Even a replica of solar system has to be created, so why not the original solar system?

        Then answer - the way a manual is attached to every gadget - be it car, phone, wifi, .... whatever else man creates, that same way vedas is the manual of human life - the way to lead human life is mentioned in the vedas, the purpose of life is mentioend in the Gita and how to fulfill that purpose is mentioned in teh SB with examples and that is why we accept the authority of scritpures.

        My advice is do not get into too much arguments with this person. He is appearing to be argumentative. Some people take pride in defeating you in an argument and think its an achievement. When this person is in trouble, he will run to you only and tell you to pray for him. Its very natural. Until them, give him this much gyann and then tell him to come to this forum and talk with me directly if he bothers you too much. Else, give him prasadam everyday or from time to time, smile and continue with your sadhana. Let these Q not disturb you.

        Best of luck dear - you are doing good.


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD

      • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

                   As far as I know nobody can take a rocket go to hell , heaven , vaikuntha, Sivaloka and all other planetary systems or see them through telescopes and confirm their presence. They are very far away than any man can see through existing modern technology.  

                   The only way to "feel" their presence is to read scriptures and enjoy the "higher taste". The higher taste mentioned in Gita is called "perinbam" in Tamil , "Paramanand" in Hindi , "Suruchi" in Bengali, "bliss" in English and so on. Existence of the higher taste is the proof that what all said in scriptures is true. 

        Gita Chapter 2 Verse 59

        The embodied soul may be restricted from sense enjoyment, though the taste for sense objects remains. But, ceasing such engagements by experiencing a higher taste, he is fixed in consciousness.

        Lower taste like delicious food, excellent smell, Money and fame ............ are temporary materiel gains. By ceasing sense enjoyment and following devotional service one can experience the higher taste and confirm the truth in scriptures. 

        Just as pain cannot be seen but can be only felt and confirmed , similarly higher taste cannot be seen but can be felt and confirmed. 



  • Hare Krishna ,

          The number of souls present on this earth is a minute fraction of infinite number of souls present in the remaining part of the spiritual and material worlds. This is what my spiritual master has taught me.

    For me it seems that number of sand particles in the beaches of the entire earth can be counted but the number of souls in the spiritual and material worlds cannot be counted.

    Just visit the following link and see how many universes are there

    what to say of number of souls. How many universes are there and each universe is going to contain how many souls. 



    • Hare Krishna


      Thank you so much Balaji Prabhu for your response. 

  • From higher, lower and midle planets in the universe living beings is incarnating on earth in human forms, at the same time many souls who leaving human bodies reach different destinations out of this planet.

    What to talk about on constant transmigration on this planet, from human bodies to animal and reverse.

    Therefore its impossible to talk about numbers ,population and migration of souls.

    When we talk about suffering of souls in humans bodies, we can compare it with the suffer in a night dream:


    SB 11.28.12The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: As long as the foolish spirit soul remains attracted to the material body, senses and vital force, his material existence continues to flourish, although it is ultimately meaningless.
    SB 11.28.13Actually, the living entity is transcendental to material existence. But because of his mentality of lording it over material nature, his material existential condition does not cease, and, just as in a dream, he is affected by all sorts of disadvantages.
    SB 11.28.14Although while dreaming a person experiences many undesirable things, upon awakening he is no longer confused by the dream experiences.
    SB 11.28.15Lamentation, elation, fear, anger, greed, confusion and hankering, as well as birth and death, are experiences of the false ego and not of the pure soul.

    • Hare Krishna


      Thank you Dean Prabhu for your references.

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