PAMHO, I am new into krishna conciousness, there are few questions which hunt me day and night. I am chanting 8 round but to move forward i need my question to be answered

1. How krishna is supreme than vishnu, except bramha samhita do we have any vedic supporting except bramha samhita (bramha samhita was found by lord chaintya only), Geeta & Bhagvatam

2. Why we (i am iskconite) too much into guru praising, even before Hare Krishna mahamantra, we chant jay shri krishna, chaitanya.......... in food offering, mangla aarti. always we are glorifying Gurus, why so???

3. Is it correct to install idol of Shrila Prabhupad in temples, i am worried whether PP would have allowed it. before PP whose idol was worshiped

4. why dont we beleive in Karma Kanda as per vedas, like for "Agni Ahwahan" we have different mantra, we have to glorify Lord Ganesha before starting new thing, even Tulsidas did sa em in Vinay Patrila , his Ishtdev is Ram but he followed what is Karmakanda

5. Do we beleive in Hinduism/Sanatan Dharm, often we are blaimed we are not relegion and we are cult, even shakaracharya of Puri (forgive me) says a lot about iskcon for these all

Please answer me these questions are giving me sleepness nights, i need to clear "Agyaan" so that i can advance my bhakti, in search of answer i have message all big devoees like GG das, AL prabhu


Help me


Your servant


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  • We all fell down to material world because of not accepting Krishna as supreme at some time and till the time we continue to do so we will terribly remain in material world and will suffer the tortures of lust , anger, envy , illusions, uncontrolled mind etc... So It is not a joke to accept Krishna as supreme all of a sudden prabhu, even we all are trying this fact but still we are much behind maybe even behind you in our realizations, because to accept Krishna as supreme means you accept Him as Supreme controller, supreme proprietor , supreme enjoyer, that means you are subordinate in every respect to Him, that means finally you become pure devotee of Him the moment you understood Krishna as Supreme being, so that can't happen all of a sudden and be patient but enthusiastic to know about Krishna more as supreme and keep practicing KC under someone's guidance , try to become servant of servant of Lord Krishna, don' directly jump to Krishna, first know the glory of His pure devotees like Srila Prabhupada and follow them then one day they will reveal you Krishna as it is! Krishna the all attractive , full of six opulences(all beauty, all fame, all wealth, all renunciation, all strength, all knowledge) and all love . Even when Krishna disappeared from Gopis and Krishna assumed Narayana Vishnu form , then also Gopis just bowed down to Vishnu but asked blessing of where they can find Krishna, So Gopis were that much exalted in accepting Krishna as supreme , are we on the level of Gopis, forget that , just some mundane big person comes to us and offer something , we will all of a sudden forget who is soul , who is God, Krishna ,Vishnu, we will just think that This great person is God for me! So that is our fallen condition but Gopis they abandon everything , their husbands, children, families etc., what we have abandoned for pleasing Krishna till now, almost nothing, just we are chanting few rounds while sleeping , doing all bad activities and we have our big ego, how Krishna as supreme will be accessible to us! But Krishna tell in Gita to Arjuna that one who is non - envious and friend to Krishna only can accept and know Krishna as supreme or as it is!
  • See one very easy thing can help you to accept Krishna as supreme is that every Lord possesses some qualities, So Krishna posses 64 qualities while Lord vishnu possess 60 only, Lord Shiva and Brahma possess 55 or lesser and ordinary jiva can possess at max 50 qualities:
    All these 64 qualities are given in Nectar of devotion by Srila Rupa Goswami, (refer this link)
    now just knowing 64 qualities are not enough , you must know what is the purpose behind these qualities and how Krishna uses them for more intimate purposes than Vishnu! Then it will be easy for you to start diving deep into mystery of Krishna as supreme! else it is impossible, Another passtime may help you is that " why Mother Laxmi was not allowed in Rasa Dance", this question has very deep answer and to understand that you must practice KC seriously!
  • Hare Krishna,
    Do you know what is complete surrender? All you 5 questions are based on this.

    1. To attain any other God or His abode all you need is Sadhana. To attain Sri Krishna's abode You need complete surrender. Its is not so easy to have complete surrender. One may have one may be doing sadhana for 24 hours but the person who has no Prema for Krishna cannot attain Krishna's abode. Complete surrender happens when you have prema for Lord.
    ( all that we have now is selfish bhakti.. we pray for being happy in this world with family and kids or we pray for some other things prosperity and many other things..) Krishna is most supreme of all and not easily attainable Becoz for attaining HIS love we must Love ONLY HIM nothing else. ( Like Meerabai, or Radha rani or Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. etc.)
    That is why HE is supreme and more over no God has self Proclaimed in any scripture that He is God Like Krishna.
    ( refer BG chapter 10) He claims Himself to be all even demigods sages everything He Is Supreme Personality of Godhead. Who has done this self proclamation ever in the History?

    2. Becoz Sri Krishna Himself told In BG 4.34) that He cannot be attained by mere praying to Him. He must be understood thru a guru. When you please a self realized guru thru your service and complete surrender to the guru .. He imparts knowledge to you thru which only you can see Lord understand Lord Sri Krishna. So It is most important to Please guru first and foremost.

    3. Srila Prabhupada was a servant of Lord Sri Krishna He never wanted any name fame or any one praying to him or making an deity of him. But its the love of the devotees and disciples of Srila Prabhupada. Just Like Ekalavya practised and learned Archery infront of idol of Dronacharya .. The disciples are showing respects to Srila Prabhupada ji and they practicing Bhakti yoga in front of the deity of SP and realizing His divine presence even today. This is out of love and respect for His Divine Grace.

    4. We don't believe in anything We just believe in surrendering ourself to Lord Sri Krishna completely. Guru and Krishna.. That is what Krishna said finally at the end of Bhagvad gita right?
    18.66 BG He said to abondon all varieties of religions and principles just surrender to Me. I will deliver you from all sins. Even if you don't pray to demigod or anything also.. If you completely Surrender to Sri Krishna He will take care of you from all sides.
    5. Whatever one may say Shankaracharya said this that person says this .. this person says this... do You have to believe in all??? NO
    You just do complete surrender and Have complete faith In Lord Sri Krishna.. Have no doubt about it..
    DOubtful mind cannot attain Krishna. That is why I said all the 5 questions are based on complete surrender.
    If you don't have faith and completely surrendered to Sri Krishna every person's opinion will bother you. You will give importance to all opinions of all.. you will surely have a sleepless nights ...hehehheehe
    Completely believe in ONE LORD SRI KRISHNA atleast one verse of Bhagvad Gita.. enough
    18.66 Bhagvad gita.--
    sarva-dharman parityajya
    mam ekam saranam vraja
    aham tvam sarva-papebhyo
    moksayisyami ma sucah
    Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear.
    No fear no sleepless nights if you completely surrender to the Supreme Personality Sri Krishna........!!! Lord Krishna is our Savior.
    Hare Krishna.
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    • Hare Krishna Mata Ji,

      i dont want to offend you but very first line of your answer is very judgmental and shows a prejudice against me, you can see in post that i have been worried while asking these question that "seniors" will pose me as "Mayawadi/Abhakta" in your case "half/non surrendered".

      Mata ji, Please understand that i want clarity we as vaishanawa (not kraisnawa) believe Krishna is Supreme and Supreme Godhead residing in "Goloka" above Baikuntha, How we come to this conclusion what are vedic supporting to this, there is no question of me being fully or partial surrendered because i even don't care whether "he" is incarnation of Vishnu or Vishnu is expansion of "Him" , for me "He" is everything, is it wrong to ask questions, rather than questioning my faith or surrenderness if you would have provided some vedic support it would have been grateful, except 1st all questions are answered by many "seniors" but no one is solving analogy of 1st question.

      its my firm believe whatever spiritual path we have taken we must have full clarity on this and our path starts from answer of 1st question.

      Hare Krishna, i am sorry if anywhere i have broken any vaishnawa principle of offended you, may Krishna forgive me
      • Hare Krishna Abhinav prabhu,
        Do you believe in Bramha samhita, Gita and Bhagwatam?
        Who complied the vedas and who wrote Gita and Bhagwatam?
        Ved Vyasa only na.
        Veda Vyasa was not feeling comfortable was not happy even after compiling all the vedas and puranas( Vishnu purana, Shiva purana ..etc..) and ithasasa.. but then he was not having any peace of mind. Then was met by Narad Muni. Narad Muni ji suggest Ved vyas ji to write glorify Sri Krishna .. Unless you describe the Lord's sweet leelas you cannot attain peace of mind.
        So to conclude.. Bhagwatam is the finally written and it is considered a great book becoz it has leelas of Lord Sri Krishna described in it.
        Whatever was missing in all the other books was just about Lord and in this book bhagwatam is complete in all as it has Lord Sri Krishna described in full.
        Hare Krishna.
        • Hare Krishna Mata Ji,

          I found my answer by this link

          you must also read and get enriched with joy of Krishna

          गर्ग संहिता पृ. 1
          • HK,

            Would you be so kind to translate the information provided from that link? I can't seem to be able to view it.

            • Krishna,

              Please click on link, there you will find arrows, this will turn page for you and you can read whole "garga sanhita" in hindi.

              I wanted to have proper reference, if you will read SB , you will find description of goloka in purpot and I use to challenge it , because purpot means writer's thought , somehow I got this book and solve my first question
          • Ha, you found some reference but that will never be enough to accept Krishna as Supreme as previously also you knew some reference like Gita , Brahma Samhita but again you got a doubt, similar thing may happen to you for your current reference too, the only thing which will clear your all doubts about Krishna's supremacy is mercy of some pure devotee of Lord KRISHNA AND mercy of Lord Chaitanya and his followers! Pray to them very humbly!
            • That's a stupid answer, what you are asking him to do it believe in something first than ask questions when clearly he's trying to find the answer in first place to help in believing something! That's what rational people would do.
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