• All glory all glory to the assembled devotes of the Most High Form of God Haray Krishna! Thank you for sharing this opportunity to discuses with others the especially sweet attributes, and the uniqueness of the devotional proses & results of following this Bhakti- yoga practice and the results of such knowledge gleaned directly from *direct -experience and their differences from other forms of faith based understandings.

    Hinduism is very* similar to (KC) in that, Krishna has stationed HI's ashrams/teaching schools in Vishnu-Temples.

    Indeed Vishnu* The Lord of goodness love, sustainability, purity and action, gives an  not so subtle indication as to intimacy of the relationship between Vishnu & Krishna, it is certainly a indescribably close & trusted relationship to say the least!    but to say that (KC) is Vishnu bhakti or otherwise Vishnu Bhakti is Krishna's Conciseness is also not exactly accrete ether. Vishnu is a Gunnah-avatar =Master of the energy aspect of nature of Goodness. Krishna on the other- hand is the foremost master of all three Gunnahs.(Goodness)- (Passion), and (Ignorance.) This is a vast difference 'that has tremendous ramifications for any one who isn't thereally and completely absorbed in, and committed to, the higher morals and ethics of The God Of Goodness (Vishnu). Krishna also has & also holds Himself and Hi's devotees" to The highest standards"  Except to put it bluntly"- Vishnu will be more limited in those that He will accompany- & assist in their personal re-awakening process. Vishnu acting a Guru/Guide will not tolerate impurity's undisciplined and unregulated devotional service from one who is calming to be surrendered to the path of (personal enlightenment) more- simply stated, those seeking the truth, in Hi's name/ with Him acting as (Governor) & Guru between the Subtal & groosly materal universes, i.e. the embodied being & their* subtle Karmas). The thing is' that Krishna is does and can be managing that same role in/on all three stratums (Krishna is) "the foremost expert/ Guru of every realm and energy mode. Where as Vishnu apparently is much less tolerant willing to associate with and directly support those of the more materially contaminated casts, groups, types. But as it is' w/Krishna as Per my direct exp.& understanding if one is of a sincere nature, and also good intentions are residing w/in their hearts and minds, Krishna will meet them where they/we are at. Sooner than other Dim(I) Gods and their wisdoms and energies. Therefore what ever energies one is preferring or situwated in do-to birth/up-bringing/customs etc. that one is personally situated in/ accustomed too Krishna is the *(one-stop Shopping address when it comes to submitting to a spiritual Master (Guru)/ Teacher of superior Spiritual understandings. Brahma, Shiva or Vishnu are not as versatile or as capable as (the supreme God Krishna.) They are a Tag Team Krishna & Vishnu Krish attracts the souls to the Ashrams by Hi's infinent attractiveness and Vishnu cleans us up by teaching us personal discriminations disciples & wisdom traditions from within the submissive hearts. Vishnu cleans us up & Krishna brings us and truth in knowledge Home.  Question #2 all glory to the teachings of Swimi (Srila Bhakti Prah bu Poddah Gee) Key Ji. all the assembled devotees KeJi Iskcon's devoties desierTree program kiJi

    • Question #2 yes transindentle means regardless of external circumstance the desired results can be achieved. An example of that is the gender divide. It is non existent to our relationship to/with Krishna. We are all considered as passive receptive or-(Yin) energies & Krishna (alone) is our alfaMail.

      In the/our relationship with the Head God. In this case, in our relationship with God  we are Transcendental to our outward Gender.

      Just as the our pure intentions to serve God through serving Hi's servants and Hi's creations palatably and by chanting politely and modestly/ Nicely* The Holy Name of Haray Krishna & Rama.

      • Question #3 Daily Chants;?

        The best and quickest way to assern the moods and the hours of the deiti dar'shons of the Temple {Vishnu/Haray-Kriahna} Temples. in that way you will glean through direct experience the different rhythmus Cadence's dances and moods that are present at the different times of the day, this will help greatly in discerning what times and types of Songs you prefer to participate in and with. good Luck Buy the book & take notes. glory Glory all really belongs to Krishna Alone* haray Bollah. Chanting Haray is the/our only taste* Chant properly or ISKCON WILL PARRISH long before the desired 10,000 years God is requesting of us? (Hah,Ray)this pleases everyone* thank you!

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    For the benefit and ease of everyone, I have pasted all the questions here. Some of them are not relevant to ISKCON at all. I will give my answers: 

    1. Why is ISKCON anti-Hindu? - who says so and why? From where did this come from? Pls ask that friend to also define hindu, give some concrete example of incident or recording of lecture. Sweeping statements dont help.Shows the complete lack of understanding of your friend, bother towards "Hindu" as well as ISKCON.
    2. Can women recite or listen to mantras during periods? - Yes
    3. What are some of the daily chants? - Pls visit any ISKCON temple or get into a congregation or buy the book Beginners Guide to Krsna Consciousness.
    4. Are there any scientific benefits to the chanting of mantras that one has memorized?
    5. If the ultimate goal of human life is to go back to Godhead, why did he create the material life in the first place? Material world was created by the will of the lord. This is the jail that every planned city has. So material world was created by God to put conditioned souls like us, who wanted to enjoy independent of the lord.
    6. Sri Devi Khagda Mala Stotram is for which goddess, and how do you use it? I am not aware. We only know mahamantra.
    7. According to Hindu scriptures, what would happen to me if I eat cow meat? Is it not enough that we consider cow to be our mother? Would you ask this question if you actually thought so?
    8. According to Hinduism, can a man without children attain heaven? Again not relevant. We are interested in going back to Godhead, heaven is not even on our agenda. Heaven is nothing but a 25 star hotel. Once our pious karma is over, we will fall down back to earth, back to 84 lakh species. What is the use of such heaven? Better to go to a place from where there is no return.
    9. Were can I get original Rudraksha beads in Mumbai of 1 to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha for a very cheap price? Not relevant.
    10. What mantras can we recite during tratak? Q not understood. What is tratak? Mahamantra can be chanted by anyone, anywhere. 
    11. Why did Gandhari curse Krishna? Gandhari cursed Krsna because she lost all her sons in the Kurukshetra war. She has asked Duryodhana to come in front of her. She would open her eyes and see him. By dint of her sadhana of years, she would convert his body into unbreakable. Krsna intervened just when Duryodhana was entering his mother's room and made him cover his pelvis with a leaf. That angered Gandhari, because that part remained normal, it could not be made unbreakable.
    12. What are the benefits of worshipping Krishna? One gets rid of the 6 vices, kama, krodha, mada, lobha, moha, matsarya. One gets eternal lasting peace of mind, loving devotion towards Krsna in one's heart, one's past karma is destroyed and one is eternally situated in ecstatic loving devotional service. One is able to lead a life of material opulences as well as spiritual bliss.
    13. Why some people worship holika and chant holika mate ki jay even she wanted to kill prahlad? Never heard of this. Everyone I know chants Bhakta Prahlad ki Jay.
    14. Why is hinduism not a major religion in Africa? Why only Africa? It is not a major religion anywhere in the world except India. 

     There should be some basis to questioning na. Anyways I have tried to answer all of them.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD 

    • Hare Krishna Mata Ji 

      all glories to prabhupada,

      Thanks for taking time and efforts to answer all the questions (some of them were really stupid). 

  • interesting questions. i can't answer them all. the first two are obvious to me. first. iskcon ist not anti hindu. iskcon members represent broader, more holistic ways of culture and devotional service. second: of course women can do mantra meditaion any time. the answer to third you can find here on the website --> see the section vaisnava songs on top. fourth: the sience of god is the highest sience. stating that numerous people experienced great relief, happiness and calmness with chanting, that ought to be scientific enough. fifth: out of great mercy. the souls in this material universe are fallen down by impious acts. in order to show us the right way of acting, we are here. twelveth: gradual elevation to the spiritual worls, liberation, an intimate loving relationship to all that is. imho felix.

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