Question: Why the Process Does Not Work for Some?

Question: Why the Process Does Not Work for Some?Dear teacher:Please accept my most humble obeisances.All glories to Srila Prabhupada.In many of your lectures you told us the sentence: "If you work the process, the process will work". It is indeed the truth. But what puzzles me a little is that, many people who began Krishna consciousness but later on gave up due to lack of taste said: "This process doesn't work". I have to admit that there are many obstacles on the path of Krishna consciousness, and many dead corners as well. It is a fact that these people might be chanting 16 rounds, might be reading Srila Prabhupada's books, but at last they say it doesn't work. Is it because they didn't take the process as seriously and conscientiously as the time they had began the process? I have to admit that somehow or other we tend to become a little callous when we have practiced Krishna consciousness for some time. So we should we maintain our enthusiasm as best as we can in Krishna consciousness. Is it that their becoming callous caused their tastelessness, thus they left? Even though they are chanting and doing things, they are sitting back, that they are seated comfortably at their current status, forgetting to dive deeper, so the taste became lessened. Is this the reason?Actually this is very common and easy to happen. How to avoid such a situation?Your most humble servantHare KrishnaAnswer: Because They Do Not Properly Work the ProcessIf we follow a cake recipe properly, we will be able to bake a nice cake. If we do not properly follow all of the instructions given in the recipe, our cake will turn out to be a flop. It will end up being simply some useless goo in the bottom of the cake pan.Similarly, in the process of Krishna consciousness we must precisely follow the instructions given by the bona fide spiritual master. He understands perfectly well how to properly apply the scriptures and the teachings of the previous acharyas. If we carefully follow the instructions of the bona fide spiritual master, our success on the path of Krishna bhakti is assured. However, if we pick and choose from his instructions which ones we will follow and which ones we will not follow, we will not derive the same result.We will be a failure. Therefore we must put our unflinchingfaith in the teachings of Lord Krishna as revealed to us by the bona fide spiritual master because it is only in that way that we will become perfect in transcendental realization.His Holiness Vishnujana Swami said, "Casual means casualty." So if we become callous or overly familiar with the process of Krishna consciousness thinking that now we are very advanced in Krishna bhakti, we will lose that taste we had in the beginning. The way to always keep that initial taste and to continually increase it is to be always be more tolerant than a tree, considering ourselves to be more lowly than the straw in the street. We should always offer all respect to others without demanding any respect for ourselves. In this way we will be able to chant the holy names constantly with ever-increasing taste.Hare Krishna Hare Krishna …For more discussions visit

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