Dear Vaishnavas,

Shortly, there was a discussion started on our Forum by one devotee who asked a query whether a Brahmin incurs more sin than a low caste man if he eats meat?

This discussion after some time was taken by few members at that point where they declared that if a person of low caste comes to Krishna consciousness and continues eating meat, Krishna will have mercy upon him and accommodate him in His abode.

These members had a soft corner for ‘devotees of Krishna’ eating meat. They seemed to support their view by quoting Bhagwad Gita. They talked about Varnashram dharma. They talked about being ‘frog of an ocean’. They denounced being ‘frog of a well’. They considered their understanding as akin to ‘pearl’ and considered the devotees who supported the views of Vedic literatures as ‘pigs’.

It is understandable these members were new to Krishna consciousness and had retained previous nature (gunas) and opinions.

I don’t have any personal dislike towards them as I might have been like them thousands of year ago. Through association of Vaishnavas in previous lives, I have gradually come to a position where following the regulative principles and chanting 16 rounds is normal. I have developed this nature (or swabhava) after a considerable duration of lives, so will these above said members.

However, I have message for these devotees. I desire to make them understand the regulative principles from scriptures point of view.

Firstly, let us all accept the need to accept the supremacy of scriptures. Accepting the supremacy of scriptures does not make one ‘well frog’ and defying the scriptures does not make one ‘ocean frog’.  Whatever, ethical decisions we make should have support of scriptures. As we follow a Vedic way of life, naturally we would consider the Vedic literatures as most sacred. Thus, quoting these scriptures, we should decide whether meat eating by a devotee is OK or not. 

What is the position of the Vedic scriptures regarding meat eating? Does it allow meat eating?

Let me summarize the position of Vedic literatures briefly. Those who are interested in verification of quotes can contact me later. I would provide them every references as possible.

Position of Vedic literatures regarding meat eating :

As per the Vedic literatures, meat eating is permitted only for non-Vaishnava Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and the Shudras. For Brahmins, it is a big ‘NO’. This is because, Brahmins are supposed to be sattva-guna predominant and meat being a tamasic food, is strictly not permitted to Brahmins. However, they can perform violent sacrifices on behalf of non-Vaishnava Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and the Shudras. Yet, they can not partake the meat prasadam.

Although, violent sacrifices are allowed in the shastras, they are not counted amongst the virtuous acts. The one who eats the meat prasadam does incur a sin (lesser than a non-sacrificed meat). So, why they are prescribed in the shastras when they are not virtuous?

The reason is, there are some classes of men who take great pleasure in eating meat but they don’t have any interest in religious rituals i.e Yagnas or sacrifices. In order to make them  interested in following Vedic principle of sacrifice (Yagna), these people have been ordered to perform animal sacrifice. They can later take the meat prasadam. The intention of scriptures is to bring them into the Vedic fold. 

Originally, the Vedic Yagnas were completely non-violent. Barley, ghee etc. was used in the Yagnas. Thus, there used to take sattvic sacrifices. 

The demigods too are sattva guna predominant. They never partake the meat and alcohol offered in violent sacrifice. It was at a later stage that foolish people started putting meat and alcohol in the sacrificial fire to satisfy demigods. As per the scriptures, one can incur a seriously bad karma in performing such an act.

In the violent sacrifices, only the shudra devis and devatas (like Kal Bhairava etc.) are supposed to be pleased. 

The performers of such violent yagnas never attain the spiritual abode of Lord Krishna. They may go to Bhuvar-loka, presided by impure deities or at best Swarg loka. These lokas have been described in scriptures as ‘hell’ as compared to the spiritual abode of Lord Krishna. Thus, such violent sacrifices make the souls wander in this maya due to karmic reactions. Scriptures also say that those who sacrifice the animals in violent sacrifices are eaten by animals when they go to hell.

Those who wish to go to the Krishna loka or Vaikuntha planets should have a certain amount of eligibility. Just anyone can not enter this divine abode.


On the spiritual path, there are several reasons why a person is recommended to be vegetarian. One primary reason is that we need to see the spiritual nature within all living beings, and that includes the animals and other creatures as well.

Universal brotherhood means nonviolence to both humans and animals. It consists of understanding that animals also have souls. They are alive, conscious, and feel pain. And these are the indications of the presence of consciousness, which is the symptom of the soul. Even the Bible (Genesis 1.21; 1.24; 1.30; 2.7; and in many other places) refers to both animals and people as nefesh chayah, living souls.

Those who eat meat, however, because of their desires to eat animals or see them as a source of food for one’s stomach, are not so easily able to understand the spiritual nature of all beings. After all, if you know that all living entities are spiritual in essence, and that all living beings that are conscious show the symptoms of the soul within, then how can you kill them unnecessarily?

Any living creature is also the same as we are in the respect that it is also a child of the same father, a part of the same Supreme Being. Thus, the killing of animals shows a great lack in spiritual awareness.

Many portions of the Vedic literature describe how the Supreme Being is the maintainer of innumerable living entities, humans as well as the animals, and is alive in the heart of every living being. Only those with spiritual consciousness can see the same Supreme Being in His expansion as Supersoul within every creature. To be kind and spiritual toward humans and be a killer or enemy toward animals is not a balanced philosophy, and exhibits one’s spiritual ignorance.

The next reason for being vegetarian is to consider the amount of fear and suffering that animals experience in the slaughter industry. There are countless stories of how in fear cows cry, scream, and sometimes fall down dead while inside or even before they are taken into the slaughter house. Or how the veins of dead pigs are so big that it shows they have practically exploded from the fear the pig felt and the adrenalin that was produced while it was being led to slaughter. This certainly causes an immense amount of violence to permeate the atmosphere, which goes out and falls back on us in some form.

Furthermore, the adrenalin and fear in the animal also produces toxins which then permeate the body of these animals, which meat-eaters ingest. People who consume such things cannot help but be effected by it. It causes tensions within them individually, which then spreads in their relations with others.

The ancient Vedic text of the Manu-samhita (5.45-8) says, “He who injures innoxious beings from a wish to give himself pleasure never finds happiness, neither living nor dead. He who does not seek to cause the suffering of bonds and death to living creatures, but desires the good of all beings, obtains endless bliss. . . Meat can never be obtained without injury to living creatures, and injury to sentient beings is detrimental to the attainment of heavenly bliss; let him therefore shun the use of meat.”

I hope that these words are sufficient to change the minds of those who said that it is OK for Krishna devotees to eat meat.

Hare Krishna!

Your servant,

Veeral Gandhi


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  • Hare Krishna..

    There there Prabhujis. Let's understand that we are in a public forum and we have to behave like hypocrites. We cannot be harsh on others. We have to act GOOD even though we are in mood to dance on each others heads. Otherwise the discussion will be stopped by the moderator. Act GOOD pls.

  • Is that so!!!

    Then, I need to visit a doc : ) Nice joke!


  • Prabhu, there is a controversy here as someone says this and someone says that. I have already said that Babaji should not matter to us at all ! As he does not belong to our disciplic succession. Hence, there is no need to include Babaji here.

    Let's not veer the discussion from Western line to Central line.

    • The final position of Dharmashastras is that we should inculcate only the good qualities of great men. In case, great men sometimes behaved abnormally, we should not inculcate it. 

      On a personal note prabhu, I have always said that you are very funny : ) Your words always tickle my funny bone : )

  • Sorry, we don't believe in glamorizing rebellious attitude. When you are in the realm of faith, strict interpretation of scriptures lead us towards Godhead. 

    We don't want to be Jiddu Krishnamurthy or Osho. 

  • Even Vamshi das Babaji acted like a mad man to keep people at bay.

    Kindly read this stub from Gaudiya history about Baba :

    He kept the end of the rope under his foot.  When one man inquired why he was doing this, the Baba threw a stone at him.

    When this news reached the Gaudiya Matha, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Thakur called his brahmacharis together and forbade them from visiting the baba again, save for one who would just deliver supplies. After a few days, he again called them together and said, "Some of you think I've stopped you from visiting babaji maharaja because he is in maya.  That is not so.  I’ve prevented you because  you will not be able to understand this bhava and will only commit offences.  So better you stay away." Later, when that one brahmachari visited, Vamsidas babaji maharaj threw a stone at him and told, "If you want to please me, then never return here again!"

    P.S. Great Vaishnavas are never considered as ordinary human beings. It's an offence. - This website is for sale! - biographies Gaudiya Vaishnava Vaishnava Ga…
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  • Prabhu, great holy men sometimes act in such an inscrutable manner that common men find difficult to understand. 

    Lord Shiva is one of the greatest of Vaishnavas yet He takes Bhang, sleeps in cremation grounds, wears skull garland etc. Yet, he has been referred as one of the greatest of all Vaishnavas. How can one understand this apparent anomaly?

    Lord Rishabhdev applied his own excreta and urine all over His body to keep ordinary people away.

    Bharat Maharaj acted like a mad man.

    What I say is that it is very difficult to understand the actions of great souls. 

    However, we should keep in mind that we should not imitate them. For eg. what will happen to us if we consume poison like Lord Shiva? Naturally, we would die. Hence, their ways are beyond our understanding.

    The above article praising Vamshidas Baba naturally would not include not so good things about him. Hence, such things have not been included.

    • Hare Krishna..

      I don't know about others. But Lord Siva sleeps in cremation grounds for us. Two reasons why He sleeps there. One reason is to keep the ghosts and pisachas from occupying our so called cozy homes. He dances all night by wearing those skulls so that the ghosts get their entertainment and not leave the cremation ground.

      Second reason, when we die, nobody comes with us. They will just burn us and go. That time, the jiva will be there, watching his dear ones leave him alone. His dad, mom,wife, sons daughters etc. He would feel so alone that he cries in pain and dies again. At that time there is only one who consoles him by saying that He is there till he departs. That is Lord Siva.That's the reason He sleeps there. 

      Please don't misunderstand Him. After all He accepted that duty which nobody else accepted and that too for us.



      • We do not have any problem with Lord Shiva. He is by the way a great Vaishnava.

        We have problem only with those who try to imitate Him. My message is that we should not be too liberal in our interpretation of scriptures. 

        Dharma of demigod is different and dharma of living beings of this world is different. We should bear this in mind and try to be 'Well frogs".

        • Hare Krishna,

          The point is, we no need to try so hard to be a well frog. Everybody already are :-) 

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