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We have been serving Laddu Gopal at home for many years but the Deity has gradually become discoloured. So we want to bring a new deity of Laddu Gopal but we are not sure what to do with the old deity? Should we give Him 'visarjan'? If yes, then what is the process?  

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  • 6700899668?profile=RESIZE_930xsee it is almost 20 years old ...please do scrub of tarmarind salt with lemon ...he will look everyday cute ..I sometimes go more creative I paint him with white gopi Chandan with some blue vitrol ...he looks more cute in bluishwhite  colour . Please make him part of your family you will never get the question of visarjan in your mind . He is baby ,if I take it emotionally this point . And see idols are always are of metal how it look old ...there are always certain natural chemicals from which you can make him glow .  

    Harekrishna 😊

    • You really have a very kind heart Mallika Tiwari mata ji. I appreciate your loving addition of blue vitrol to the gopi chandan to give a bluish color to the deity. But be utmost catious.

      Blue vitrol is a potent poison. you may want to stop using it.  

      I was also so much considering your advice of blue color and researched it on the net.

      Is blue vitriol poisonous?
      Conclusion: Copper sulphate is a potent poison that can involve multiple organ systems. Elevated levels of serum aspartate and alanine aminotransferases beyond the aforementioned values can identify patients at greater risk of mortality, allowing for institution of aggressive treatment.
      I guess you wont want to use this chemical for lord or even you also even mild qualities if ingested it may cause issues it is said so.
      Ya but I could see ur loving heart to serve lord very nice Malika Mata ji.
      and Saurav das prabhu your diety looks too good. I don't see any problem in it. Or maybe I am not as great devotee as you that I am not able to see what you are seeing. Metals don't fade. and pls. Brass can be just be shined with tamarind and salt easy trick.  But while srubbing pls. don't apply so much pressure. apply yogurt natural cleaning agent or lemon instead.
      apply chandan best.
      Why I am saying this no to blue Vitrol is.. when we bath the deity we get some water which may contain traces of this chemical.  Generally what I do is..whenever I bath my dieties, I don't throw away the water and drink it a bit, pour some on our heads and pour some rest of it in tulasi plant. But in case you opt to paint with white Gopi chandan and mix with Blue Vitrol you can't  drink it  as it is poisonious. 
      Just reconsider this. Pure chandan water you can drink it. I don't know the rest.
      Hare Krishna.
      • Thankyou mata ji ...i don't  know much about traditional  puja systems i am little crazy artist .my Grandpa  practice ayurveda i saw him making bhasma using blue vitrol with other ingredients  for treatment of vitiligo . It cured many people. 

        There are things  used for topical treatment  and can't be ingested . The proper handling  of knowledge  makes things poision and nectar .




    • Hare Krishna Mataji,

      Thank you for kind suggestion.

      Your servant


  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna prabhuji,


    Why to replace at all? Simply get Him repainted. There are experts who do this. Pls contact your local ISKCON Temple. Or else take Him to Vrindavan and get it done.

    If your child is discoloured or becomes thin or fat, would you replace with a new child? Same with Laddu Gopal. What dhatu is your Gopal made of?


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krishna Mataji,

      Thank you for your kind reply. The deity is made of brass. Actually, we are also feeling bad about visarjan but the idea of re-painting never came to our mind. We will definitely ask the local Iskcon devotees if they can do it. 

      Your servant


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