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Question about Hera Pancami

Please accept my humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada, Srila Gurudeva and Srimati Guru Mataji.

All glories to the most merciful Sri Sri Nitai Gauracandraji.

All glories to Sri Jagannath.

Hare Krishna

Which form of Laksmi came to bring Sri Jagannatha from Vrindavan to Dwarka? Was it Srimati Rukmini Devi?

And also, how is it that Sri Jagannath goes back to Dwarka and leaves Vrindavan? Vrindavan is Krishna's eternal abode and He never steps foot out of it, so why does it say that Srimati Laksmi Devi brings Him back to Dwarka??

Please explain these spiritual topics to me.

Your servant

Bhakta David

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  • Hare Krishna
    Dandavat to all

    Apart from all the above mentioned points, I would like to add on something. As David Prabhuji was talking about Rath Yatra Leela, so this leela took place in Naba Vrindavan a place near by Samanta Panchak teertha, Kurukshetra and not in the actual Vrindavan. So Rukmini Devi took back Dwarkadhish from Naba Vrindavan and not Vrindaban.

    Your Servant
  • Dear David Prabhuji,

    Please accept my humble obeisances Hare Krishna !

    It was Srimati Rukmini devi herself who made efforts to bring Lord Krishna back to Dwarka from Vrindavan as she was not able to bear the separation from her Lord.

    As per our Gaudiya Sampraday, it is believed that Vrindavan (located in India) is eternal and is not destroyed even during the atyantika Pralaya i.e the final destruction. Lord Krishna forever plays rasa here along with the gopis and performs several leelas along with the gopas.

    The followers of Lord Shiva also claim, ‘At the time of final destruction, Kashi is not destroyed.

    Your question is, why Lord 'left' Vrindavan ?

    Your question is quite understandable. Even I have doubts regarding this issue because, during the final destruction, earth, water, light, air, and space are completely destroyed, so how can Vrindavan/Kashi possibly remain? If they do remain, how are they supported ? From the viewpoint of the Srimad Bhagvatam and the Gita, during the final destruction, nothing remains of anything that has evolved from Prakriti and Purusha.

    Only, followers of Gaudiya/Madhva Sampraday believe that Vrindavan (located in India) is eternal and Krishna never leaves it. We quote the Padma Purana's verses to prove our stand but others don't believe our words as out of the 18 Puranas, Padma Purana has been said to be grossly distorted by various pundits. Padma Purana of various publishers is different. This is not the case of other scriptures written by Srila Vyasa.

    Since, we belong to the Gaudiya Sampradaya, we need to have faith that Vrindavan (located in India) is eternal and Lord Krishna never leaves Vrindavan. In some form or other, He stays in Vrindavan and we are perhaps not able to perceive Him by our material eyes.

    Your Servant

    Harshikesh Bhattacharya

    • Thank you Harshikesh Prabhuji.

      I did not know most of what you explained. I appreciate you sharing this nectar with me.

    • Volunteer

      I agree.

      I heard in a lecture by a sannyasi (can't remember his name unfortunately) that Mother Yashoda had twins- a baby girl (Yogamaya) and a baby boy (Krsna). When Vasudeva came with his son (the VIshnu Krsna, remember Vishnu first appeared as a 4 armed baby), Vasudeva's son merged or entered with Yashoda's son. So while in Vrindavana it was Yashoda's son Krsna who was performing the leelas, but when the time came for separation, the Krsna expanded into the Vishnu Krsna and it was that Krsna who left Vrindavana. Krsna never left Vrindavana, only the Vishnu Krsna did

      • Thank you for your response. So it is two different personalities of Krishna? One in Dwarka and one in Vrindavan? I heard in Dwarka Lord Krishna appears sometimes in Visnu form (4 armed).

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krishna ... please listen to attached mp3 file .. 12 mins

        sheds some light on the topic

        Did Krishna return to Vrindavan as per his promise Please explain t...

        • Hare Krishna

          That link is wonderful Prabhuji. Plenty of rasa in it! HG Caitanya Charan Das is great. Thank you

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