Query about the mother Ganges.

Hore Krisna.

Joy srila probhupada.

My humble obesciances to all the devotee.

We know that The Ganges came from karon somudra touch the lotus feet of Bisnu.Thus it is so sacred that it can absorb all our sins.Also a Baisnaba should bathe in the Ganges and he should drink its water.

But due to our uncivilized civilization, we have tried to make it a big drain pouring all the domestic and indrustrial weastage into it. Reasearchers even comment it to be the most polluted river. From the chemical analysis of water of the Gangas enormous pollutions have detected.

Also in our text book we have read that the source of the Ganges is Gongotri glaciour.

Many of my friend ask me about the present sources of the Ganga and also whether it is safe at all to bathe in it and to drink its water.

As I am the most ignorant one I beg your kind help to answer those questions.

Please forgive me if i have made any offence.

Radhe Radhe.

Hori Bol.

Hore Krisna.

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