Hore krisna.

all glories to radha krisna.

all glories to srila probhupada.

Some of my friends who are strickly non-vegetarian argues that if fish/meat eating is a sinful work then tree/plant eating should also be a sinful work. Beacause they also have lives and they also are son of krisna.

I answered that plant eating should be also a sinful work. But if we offer those plants to krisna first and then eat the prosada, we will be free from sin.

My friends replied that why krisna gave us such a body who are bound to kill plants(who are sons of krisna) and eat them? why krisna didn't gave us such a body who will not have any comlulsion to kill any son of krisna to maintain their life?



As i am a very ignorant one i could not answer it. Please enlighten me so that i can answer my friends.

dondobot pronam.

Hori Bol.

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  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    The following is my deduction:

    Animals, reptiles and insects etc are higher life forms as they have a complex nervous system and feels lots of pain and extreme fear of death.  Plants have simple nervous system therefore feel less pain.  The plants also suffer from the unfavorable weather conditions such as extreme heat, extreme cold, drought etc.   They are even possessed by  spirits because there is virtually no defense.  To liberate them out of compassion for their suffering, Krishna arranged that Man should eat them.  Although their liberation only comes when lovingly prepared for Krishna's enjoyment and we eat the remnants.  Therefore we should only eat plants and all foods sanctioned by Krishna offering lovingly to Krishna and having the prasadama.


    This is the reason why we are made to subsist on plants,  so that they will be liberated and their body can be enjoyed without much violence.


  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna!

    Please accept my humble obeisances!

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada & Srila Gurudeva!


    We are jailed, in fact every living entity in this material world is a jailed/ conditioned species. And in this material world "Jiva jivasya bhojanam" one jiva is the food for another jiva so that by the gradual evolution after birth disease old age & death in every species, we tend to get the human form and there we can realise what we had been doing in the past and what others are doing. And then we can enquire WHO AM I? "Athato Brahma Jijnasa" That is the beginning of our spiritual journey. Where we can learn that to maintain this body we are killing so many innocent bodies and therefore i should get out of this toilet as soon as possible. But that does not means that we kill ourselves, but the point to take home is that "I DO NOT WANT THIS MATERIAL BODY NEXT TIME!


    Therefore your freinds should aspire to start offerring bhoga to Krsna and start eating prasadam as per the instructions given in BG 3.13. And they can also start chanting and try to leave this material world after this body is finished and take to thier spiritual forms in Goloka Vrindavan.


    Hare Krishna

  • Hare Krishna Mataji.....

    Its a very good question...

    The thing only i know is this that we follow our scriptures totally.... and in BG Shri Krishna advises us to offer him Fruit,leaves,Flowers,water only and in other shloka it is mentioned that human beings can eat only the food stuff offered to lord Krishna.

    So we can take the food stuff offered to lord only which includes Fruits ,leaves, flowers n water. We are just following order of Krishna just like Arjuna follwed his order in field of kurukshetra......

    To understand this,,,,,we must have absorbed a lot in KC then we may understand this issue....


    Any advanced devotee can enlighten on this more....



    • Hore krisna.

      all glories to radha krisna.

      all glories to srila probhupada
      Thank you very very much probhu.
      But i want to be enriched a little bit more about this topic.
      Hori bol.
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    Hare Krishna

    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    This raises the question would God want man to eat meat?

    This question can be answered by looking at the health, economic, and violence issues.

    1. Health

    Is meat good for us?

    It’s a scientific fact that vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters. Scientific studies show that vegetarians have a much lower risk of suffering from diseases like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and other health disorders compared to meat eaters.

    2. Economic

    Does it make economic sense to raise animals for food?

    3. Violence

    By killing for a living (meat eating), the human mind develops a taste for killing, which leads to a mentality of violence. The mentality of killing animals spreads to killing humans too. People who kill animals are much more likely to kill people too. This is a fact as the terrorists, and the most violent criminals are animal killers (meat eaters).

    The vegetarians don’t kill for a living (no meat) and so their mind develops a taste for non-violence, thus a mentality of non-violence. The mentality of a vegetarian is that killing is totally wrong, thus the killing or even injuring of humans is totally unthinkable.

    There is a big difference between cutting grass and cutting the necks of chickens. Killing plants and animals is not the same.

    Would God want man to kill for a living (meat eating) so that they can develop a mentality of violence and become killers of humans too?

    There is a big difference between cutting grass and cutting the necks of chickens. Killing plants and animals is not the same.

    Would God want man to kill for a living (meat eating) so that they can develop a mentality of violence and become killers of humans too?


    Foods dear to those in the mode of goodness increase the duration of life,
    purify one’s existence and give strength, health, happiness and satisfaction.
    Such foods are juicy, fatty, wholesome, and pleasing to the heart. BG 17.8


    Hope I'll be able to reply yr query.

    Hare Krishna




    • Hore krisna.

      all glories to probhu Nityananda.

      please take my humble obeiscances.

      you have , perhaps,looked my question from a wrong angle.I have not any question about why we must not eat meat.I have already convinced my friends it very well.

      But they have raised the question that why krisna gifted us such a body so that we are bound to kill the plants (who are also son of krisna) for maintaining our body? why krisna did not creat an alternative system such that wethout killing even any plants we can maintain our body?

      Hori Bol.
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