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I believe, the process of Guru parampara, but actually I don't understand the value of drinking holy water which washed from Grurudev's Toes...many people keep argue me this side, I can't reply perfactly. I belief that Love flows like water from high to down...I will glad to understand me this topic ...

Dandavat Pranam 

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  • Based on Vedic tradition of receiving Brahmana, God or advanced spiritual personality, the water  from the washed feet should be sprinkled on head in a respect.

    Such Vedic practice of giving respect to Brahmana is the highest respect in the social hierarchy next to parents. A person is expected to pay utmost respect to a Guru and please him so that he would qualify himself to earn his grace and obtain spiritual knowledge.

    Different spiritual traditions accepted different rituals for giving the respect to spiritual teachers, therefore there is also belief that if such water is nectar of immortality, then we should not waste it in sprinkling on heads but drink it.

    Of course, such practice, as well as practice of giving woman brahmana initiation, don't have a base in Vedic scriptures.

    Anyway, lets see some examples :


    SB 10.85.35When the King of the Daityas, Bali Mahārāja, noticed the arrival of the two Lords, his heart overflowed with joy, since he knew Them to be the Supreme Soul and worshipable Deity of the entire universe, and especially of himself. He immediately stood up and then bowed down to offer respects, along with his entire entourage.

    SB 10.85.36Bali took pleasure in offering Them elevated seats. After They sat down, he washed the feet of the two Supreme Personalities. Then he took that water, which purifies the whole world even up to Lord Brahmā, and poured it upon himself and his followers.
    SB 10.85.37He worshiped Them with all the riches at his disposal — priceless clothing, ornaments, fragrant sandalwood paste, betel nut, lamps, sumptuous food and so on. Thus he offered Them all his family’s wealth, and also his own self.



    SB 10.80.20-22Lord Kṛṣṇa seated His friend Sudāmā upon the bed. Then the Lord, who purifies the whole world, personally offered him various tokens of respect and washed his feet, O King, after which He sprinkled the water on His own head. He anointed him with divinely fragrant sandalwood, aguru and kuṅkuma pastes and happily worshiped him with aromatic incense and arrays of lamps. After finally offering him betel nut and the gift of a cow, He welcomed him with pleasing words.



    SB 4.22.3Seeing the four Kumāras, Pṛthu Mahārāja was greatly anxious to receive them. Therefore the King, with all his officers, very hastily got up, as anxiously as a conditioned soul whose senses are immediately attracted by the modes of material nature.

    SB 4.22.4When the great sages accepted their reception, according to the instructions of the śāstras, and finally took their seats offered by the King, the King, influenced by the glories of the sages, immediately bowed down. Thus he worshiped the four Kumāras.
    SB 4.22.5After this, the King took the water which had washed the lotus feet of the Kumāras and sprinkled it over his hair. By such respectful actions, the King, as an exemplary personality, showed how to receive a spiritually advanced personality.
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