Hare Krsna!  What qualities are needed to worship Krsna?  I may have asked a question similar to this but I'm still not sound.  I have a lot of demons messing with me - from Dopplergangers to sneaky demonic mentalists. I can kinda understand why there attacking me but why isn't Krsna protecting me from them?  Now I can barely chant, (only about 4-5 rounds every other day, sometimes longer).  I take care of his temple every other day.  I don't eat meat, fish sometimes eggs. I don't gamble with money .  The only intoxicants I do is cigarettes and caffeine.  I've been trying to quit masterbating which I've been doing all my life and have been told since a young age it's natural.  I'm a rainbow hippie, environmentalist, I don't litter, I love The Gods, Krsna, guru and devotees as well as all people.  I love animals and don't kill bugs.  I hate fireworks cause they pollute. (About 14,000 major firework displays in USA alone and about 280 major displays per each state plus what everyone buys)!  Anyways - to get back on track- I love everyone cause of my rainbow healing and am constantly trying to help people. I fart, pick my nose and eat it, I'm overly lazy, ( that's part of the reason I only do the temple every other day).  I get angry, I'm lustfull, I eat eggs sometimes but I don't eat garlic or onions or mushrooms.  My room is always somewhat messy cause of my laziness. I pop my knuckles,  Those are the main things I can think of.  I figure I'd tell you guys a bit about me so you can tell me if I qualify or not?  Can I chant sixteen rounds and read scripture and serve the Lord.?  Or does Krsna really not want me?  Thanks for your time and patients!  All glories to Prabhupada!  Hare Krsna!


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  • Anyone can chant and read the scriptures (it would be great if everyone did).  As you chant & read you may start to change your behaviors naturally.  Association with other devotees is very important, particularly in the early stages of devotion. 

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