Hare Krsna!  What qualities are needed to worship Krsna?  I may have asked a question similar to this but I'm still not sound.  I have a lot of demons messing with me - from Dopplergangers to sneaky demonic mentalists. I can kinda understand why there attacking me but why isn't Krsna protecting me from them?  Now I can barely chant, (only about 4-5 rounds every other day, sometimes longer).  I take care of his temple every other day.  I don't eat meat, fish sometimes eggs. I don't gamble with money .  The only intoxicants I do is cigarettes and caffeine.  I've been trying to quit masterbating which I've been doing all my life and have been told since a young age it's natural.  I'm a rainbow hippie, environmentalist, I don't litter, I love The Gods, Krsna, guru and devotees as well as all people.  I love animals and don't kill bugs.  I hate fireworks cause they pollute. (About 14,000 major firework displays in USA alone and about 280 major displays per each state plus what everyone buys)!  Anyways - to get back on track- I love everyone cause of my rainbow healing and am constantly trying to help people. I fart, pick my nose and eat it, I'm overly lazy, ( that's part of the reason I only do the temple every other day).  I get angry, I'm lustfull, I eat eggs sometimes but I don't eat garlic or onions or mushrooms.  My room is always somewhat messy cause of my laziness. I pop my knuckles,  Those are the main things I can think of.  I figure I'd tell you guys a bit about me so you can tell me if I qualify or not?  Can I chant sixteen rounds and read scripture and serve the Lord.?  Or does Krsna really not want me?  Thanks for your time and patients!  All glories to Prabhupada!  Hare Krsna!


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  • Hare krishna

    krishna dont consider any material qualities like money beauty fame power position etc in a devotee. All is needed is faith in guru, krishna, process given. There should be no duplicity and follow rules given by srila prabhupad and surrender to krishna. Krishna even accept a leaf if given with love and devotion 

  • Hare Krishna,

    1. There are no demons outside. The laziness is a biggest demon. God helps those who first want to help themselves. You try hard to get rid of laziness. The more you try you will see the positivity coming in. You know better as you are a rainbow hippie... To attract grace and positivity you need declutter you brain as well as keep the home clean. Your body is a temple. You must maintain it and keep it well to attract grace of Krishna. Just as a horse rider carefully takes care of the horse until he reaches his destiny one must keep taking care of his body nicely to use it for Krishna conscious activities perfectly.

    2. Stop booger eating. You are not a kindergarten anymore. And its a very dirty habit. Should be stopped.

    3.Try stopping cigarettes and caffine.  Try try you can do it. Just cut down 1/2 a cigar and drink 1/2 cup of coffee only for first month. Next month. reduce it more. slowly slowly get it to zero level.

    :-) you cannot avoid farting. But yes., If you exercise and remove that laziness by reducing your weight and daily walk you you can get rid of it. Keep the gut clean by drinking more water. Avoid foods like beans and broccoli etc. at night.

    5. Great you are chanting atleast 4-5 rounds daily good job!!! and taking care of temple great.

    6. devitate your mind and try to keep busy whole day so that you exahust urself  fully so that you get to sleep as soon as you hit the bed and thereby avoid indulging in bad habits.

    7. avoid eggs. Not a necessity. You can survive with fresh veggies and fruits and nuts and many good alternative sources of vegetarian protiens like Garbanzos, red beans etc etc.

    so many there. find alternatives.  You can try starting slowly you will get over it. First thing is you get rid of that laziness.

    Start! declutter your home and remove the junk, clean every nook and corner and remove the unwanted unused stuff .. Get fresh air inside the home. Remove laziness put on your hiking shoes and go walking hiking become active person. While you walk You keep chanting!@ you are doing both cleansing your mind as well are you body with fresh air breathing and chanting .. 

    Hare Krishna.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


    Krsna came to the mateiral world in teh form of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to deliver the most fallen. The only qualification required is that we are fallen. We have to endeavour to purify ourselves with chanting. Chanting is the most important of all devotional activities. That is the reason Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was always doing sankirtan and chanting. It is most purifying.

    Please chant your committed minimum number of rounds everyday without fail for a minimum of 6 months and then see the results for yourself. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Beatiful question, i found myself thinking this myself.  I was thinking does chanting hare krishna mantra really work? what is a guru? I mean is anything I am doing worthwhile? I am reading a book at the moment about Guru, why do we need a guru anyway? etc. Lot of questions I am having ATM. So far I have found out that that Guru or the spiritual master.. gives the seed of bhakti ,,, you can say Prabhupada as well. Although you need a Guru who is serving his own Guru very nicly (like a Prabhupada diisicple. because they can give the seed of bhakti. Even Krishna had a Guru as well to teach us. I read if you dont have a Guru (lol i am not trying to scare you), then you are only doing namaparadha. Guru gives the seed then you can go on to chant better I read. I do chant good sometimes but most of the time its more parrot like. THE MAIN thing after 20+ years of doing KC is and I have learnt. Is the number ONE thing you HAVE to do more even then hare krishna mantra is read Bhagavatam everyday (even 1 verse WITH the purport), The Bhagavatam is pure bhakti, Thats my advice, read whatever else but Bhagavatam is what gives your Bhakti in the end.

  • Hare Krsna!  Do you have to do a certain amount of devotion in order to get the Lords protection?

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