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Disciple means who is under strict discipline under a bona fide Spiritual Master.

Further it is stated in B.G. 4.34:

tad viddhi praṇipātena
paripraśnena sevayā
upadekṣyanti te jñānaṁ
jñāninas tattva-darśinaḥ
Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized souls can impart knowledge unto you because they have seen the truth.
These are basic qualifications out of many other qualifications.

Hare Krishna !!


Actually i need short and simple answer .. Karunanidhi Pr i like your answer but what about the Responsibilities of Disciple...

Your Servant

Abhijeet Das 

Short answer is Devotion and Surrender.

Cant go any shorter than those two words and those two words go hand in hand.

Hare krsna.

path of the avatars. 1st seal/chakra. Mystical paths, Hinduism/kabbalah/Buddhism/etc... raising the spiritual inclination/consciousness. Root chakra, beginning of of shakti rising

2. Judaism (community) building a community centered on spirituality ( Buddha, dharma, sanga), second chakra/sexuality/communion/marriage

3. Christianity, sacrifice (sacrificing all for that community based on god) also some personal understandings involving repentance and sacrifice. 3rd chakra/identity/will

4. Islam (submission) submission to god, submitting all good or bad acts, non self aggrandization or self depreciation, all acts belong to god. "give up all fruitive actions to me"/ heart chakra/ non differential love/ male and female principle

5. Bahai Faith, Universalism ( non narrow view, destroying religion based perspective for a universal perspective) seeing the whole as a manifestation of the one. Non dogmatic. /speaking your truth/ speech/

6. Parivipra ( 6th chakra, third eye, becoming a universal spiritual force. Acting in the world to transform it and build gods kingdom) /seeing beyond seeing/ third eye/ that dot you put on your forehead :P

7th seal/chakra (pure consciousness, Krishna consciousness, YHVH, Muhammad consciousness, Christ consciousness) Becoming one with the divine. avatarship. Son of god, depending on the religion you follow there are different names. Each state refers to a loka, chakra, seal of the bible and kosha. These are non different.

When mission of spreading holy names of the Lord and His past times is the main mission, then such teacher or Guru DO NOT  NEED TO BE QUALIFIED. Because even if he is shudra, demon or animal  himself, then even less intelligent and unqualified students will progress toward God. Having on mind that the speed of the progress will depend on the  association. The association of materialists will slowdown progress, and the association of devotees will encrease the speed of spiritual progress.

Its better to have no association, then the mundane association, but only preaching them about Lord, His past times and giving them holy names person can be saved from  their influence. 

In bhakti yoga there is no fall, there is only delay of the progress.

Thats my opinion.

fall only occurs from a vow, and that is in the mind of the devotee. Called self judgement. :) HELLO AGAIN DEAN :)

I think you are asking a specific question with relevance to ISKCON. Generally speaking Shri. Karunanidhi Dasji gave the most relevant answer. The qualifications are very obscure since anybody is welcome from any stage in life to join Krishna consciousness. If you are asking about taking spirituality full time and that too on the Gnana Marga (Intellectual query), then what is needed is a deep yearning, an intense desire for liberation from worldly life, known as Mumukshathwa in Sanskrit. This Mumukshatwa generally speaking comes only to those who are righteous and have performed their duties properly over many janmas. With Mumukshathwa when the aspirant seeks spiritual wisdom, the forces in the world act in support of the aspirant and as if by magic he/she will find the right Guru for guidance. Bhakthi marga is for everyone and is as such not so difficult or demanding like Gnana marga. Both Bhakthi and Gnana are inter related and promote each other. The disciple needs to be with an attitude of service, sacrifice, devotion and surrender to the spiritual master and Lord. The spiritual aspirant must genuinely question the master with humility and eagerness to learn about doubts in the spiritual path. when both the disciple and Guru are wise and noble, Divine Providence and Mother Nature automatically removes the hurdles and difficulties that the disciple is facing and bless them with Spiritual evolution and ultimate Self Realization.


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