• Hare Krishna Prabhuji!

    I don't know any shop in Jaipur, as I'm based in Kolkata. But I can tell you the price of mridanga. Iskcon has a manufacturing tie up here in Mayapur, & they charged me INR 1700 for 2 mridangas 2 years back. Presently the price is approx INR 950 for one. These are fiber mridangas without the use of any animal hide.

    If you are a novice in playing mridangas, fiber is good for learning & practice as they last long and do not break on sudden contact with ground. If you are good in playing mridangas.......then you certainly must be aware that earthen mridangas have far superior sound.......but are expensive too......minimum INR 2000 onwards......

    Hari Bol.....this was just to give you an idea about the rates here prabhuji.......

    hare Krishna!

    • thanks parabhu ji

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