Punishment for those who attacks upon the deities.

Dear Prabhuji/Mataji

      Will you please let me know what punishment is assigned in our Sastras for those who attack upon the deities (Bigraha) and try to destroy them ? Please give reference from any of our bonafide scriptures.



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  • Hare Krishna

    Well you would not find exactly written "Breaking the Deities", however in Hari Bhakti Vilasa - its mentioned that it is anartha of top degree when committing an offence to the deities intentionally. Now obviously it includes physical damage, although devotees do not do any offence intentionally but still one should recite Mantra Hinam prayers after worship to beg forgiveness from the lord.

    If the devotion of the devotees serving the deity are sincere and strong then trust me that nothing's going to happen to them. Read New Vrindavan and Juhu Lila from Prabhupada Lilamrit.

    If in short you want the exact source - Hari Bhakti Vilasa.

    Thank You

    Insignificantly Yours
    • Yes, Hare krishna n thanks
  • Volunteer
    Dandavat pranam!
    It is like attacking Krsna directly. Deity form is non different than Krsna Himself. Like Kamsa attacked Krsna, like Ravana attacked Lord Rama, or other demons who attacked baby Krsna. So their destination is dark places of the Universe until they get purified. When Krsna was present in His Vrindavan form He gave mukti to those who attacked Him but even if Krsna doesn't do anything with them, Devotees won't like it and because their curse they maybe taught a good lesson.
    • hare krishna, pranam mataji.
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